Stampeding a herd of 2-legged pigs through a house usually leaves a lot of damage

Tell it to the judge, surely he can "bring it on" for you

Veritas thuggery "warrants" a response from the State of California

Circling up outside 7D

No cop zone right outside 7D


Marching up Alabama Ave to 7D

NBC News photo of the damage to a fairway on Trump National Golf Course in Sterling, VA

Hordes of AIPAC delegates had to pass protesters to get to the building

IfNotNow's projection aimed at AIPAC goers


Shaming AIPAC goers on their way south from the Metro to the 7th and F area

Counterprotesting the anti-Trans bigots who appeared without the bus at GW University

This graffiti on the Hate Bus came with a side order of broken windshield in New York City. With DC's post J20 reputation, it seems the bigots wanted to keep this but out of sight in DC


NO published this photo on April 4. Appears real, but nobody near the bus. Scouts were looking all over town for this bus but that did not make a quick, hurried stop by this fugitive bus impossible. They were nowhere near their published objective. The stain on the side may be battle damage from NYC or Philly