Car pushes protesters as Mayor Bowser gets another Defund MPD home demo

On the 23ed of July, Black Lives Matter activists arrived outside Mayor Bowser's house for yet another residential protest demanding she defund MPD. The protest was largely an educational session on how cops don't make Black people any safer. As a real-world example of this, cops did nothing about it when an impatient driver tried to forcibly push through protesters as the rally began.

Video of the car incident 1 min 52 sec

Driver using his car in an attempt to forcibly push through protesters across the street from the Mayor's house

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Video: Federal cops get their asses kicked in Portland street battle

Wow! Wrestling with bacon on the bottom!

Trump to take Portland snatch squad tactics national?

Since protests have gone hot and heavy every night in Portland for over 50 days, Trump has deployed unmarked Federal snatch squads to grab people off the streets. This has been condemned even by the Washington Post, yet another snatch squad kidnapping occurred on the 19th of July. Ken Cuccinelli has stated that these unmarked Federal jackbooted thugs will now be used nationwide.

Wheels for Justice bike ride takes I-395

On the 19th of July, exactly a month after the Pike statue outside MPD was torn down, the "Wheels for Justice" bike ride took to the streets. The highlight of the ride was taking over I-395.

Video-the ride on I-395 2 min 20 sec

Wheels for Justice on I-395

Fuck the Police march reaches BLM Plaza just in time to stop police harassment

On the 18th of July, MPD attempted to intimidate protesters into leaving BLM Plaza-just before the "Fuck the Police" march arrived and by their presence ended the police offensive. The John Lewis Vigil and midnight yoga then took place without further harassment. En route, the march chanted "Fire, fire, gentrifier! in Adams-Morgan and other gentrified areas.

Video-marchers chant "fire, fire, gentrifier!" in Adams-Morgan 33 sec

The march arrives at BLM Plaza, ending police attempts to scare away protesters

Mayor Bowser gets another Defund MPD home demo

On Friday, the 17th of July, Black Lives Matter protesters again marched on the home of DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, demanding that she defund MPD. Her response was to summon over 30 cops to "protect" her from the public.

Still from video posted by Chuck Modi to twitter

Police harassment over table at BLM Plaza defeated as protesters stand their ground

On the 16th of July, MPD cops at Black Lives Matter menaced protesters and attempted to intimidate them into removing a table used for a "paint and protest" sign-making workshop. The cops cited vending laws even though nothing was for sale, only to back down when protesters refused to remove the table. The vending enforcement goons did not even show up.

Video of the failed attempt by MPD to intimidate protesters into removing the paint table 2 min 50 sec

lead cop takes pose intended to intimidate protesters

Police harassment and failed arrest attempt fail to drive protesters from BLM Plaza

harass activists on Black Lives Matter Plaza for things OTHER than vending, such as setting up tables prior to the 8PM yoga session. At one point, cops attempted to arrest someone without a warrant for "fitting a description" only to be deterred and driven off by the crowd. After all this tension the yoga session drew quite a crowd.

Big crowd at 8PM yoga on Black Lives Matter plaza after tense day of police harassment

Bowser imposes no-vending zone on BLM Plaza

On the 12th of July, Mayor Bowser rolled out a new tactic to harass the ongoing occupation of 16th st, which she herself renamed "Black Lives Matter Plaza." A "No vending zone" was declared on the plaza, signs posted, and venders warned to leave or else. This tactic is normally used to protect corporate chain stores from competition.