Pro-Guaido Protesters and Thugs Protected by the Secret Service Descend on the Venezuelan Embassy (Video)

Guaido supporters rally in front of the Venezuelan Embassy calling for the removal of the Embassy Protection Collective. Secret Service has allowed them control of the front door of the embassy and also full access to the back door where they are free to harrass, intimidate and block anyone trying to enter the embassy or record their actions. Supporters of the embassy residents have been corralled to the opposite side of the street, giving opposition thugs complete control of the perimeter of the embassy.

HoCo Green New Deal townhall

MEDIA ADVISORY / FOR PLANNING PURPOSESDATEContact: Iris Zhan, Hub Coordinator,, 410-917-3337 TITLE: Howard County Green New Deal Town Hall run by the youth Columbia, MD As climate change becomes a more urgent issue for Americans, the Green New Deal has never been more alive, which is why we are building grassroots momentum for the Green New Deal and discussing the opportunity the Green New Deal could bring for Howard Count

Embassy of Venezuala holds out against siege by Guaido supporters as coup fails

On the 30th of April, after a battle was fought in the streets of Caracas, supporters of Juan Guaido laid siege to the Embassy ofVenezuala in Georgetown. The building is being defended by the Embassy Protection Collective, a group of US based antiwar/anti-imperialist activists given the keys by Venezuala's diplomats when Trump expelled them.

HD Video-the front line, one of three failed attempts to get in by a rear entrance, and a Guaido supporters swats at journalists' cameras 2 min 26 sec

Raw video from the front line at 1:45PM 41 sec

Embassy Protection Collective HOLDING Embassy of Venezuala against Trump-backed forces of Juan Guaido

Update Apr 29:US backed Venezualan opposition claims they will take over Embassy "this week" but this would require considerable force to be used against those who are legally occupying the building. Reinforcements needed!

Since early April, Code Pink and allied groups have been living in and holding the Embassy of Venezuala, keeping out the Trump-backed opposition forces of self-declared "president" Juan Guaido. Diplomats from Venezuala's current government were ordered out of the US, but on the way out they handed the Embassy over to Code Pink for safekeeping. April 28th it appeared that Secret Service might attempt to retake the building but the attack never materialized.

Protesters in T-rex suits demand Japan stop funding coal at Prime Minister's Trump visit

On the 26th of April, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe visited Donald Trump at the White House.Outside were protesters from Oil Change International in T-rex suits. They were demanding that Japan stop funding dirty coal plants in neighboring countries, especially one in Vietnam that will not have the same emission controls as Japan's own coal burning power plants.

Video-protesters in dinosaur suits vs fossil fuel coal at PM Abe's visit 33 sec