Police attempt to retake H st fails, protesters barricade and fortify

On the 22nd of June, police pushed protesters off of H st, only to have protesters circle the block and retake the street. As cops fled, protesters set multiple layers of barricade to defend their position.

It all began with a violent police assault to retake H st. Police were driven from this position when protesters marched around the block and came in behind them

Duke Ellington Bridge blocked in protest for murdered Black women

On the 21st of June, Freedom Fighters DC held a "say thir names" vigil on Duke Ellington Bridge, shutting down the bridge for the evening.The rally commemorated Black women who had been murdered, many of them by cops.

Protesters cap Juneteenth by pulling down Confederate statue next to MPD HQ

The 19th of June featured thousands of protesters in the streets of DC for march after march. A massive party took over 14th and U towards evening, and a "Fuck the Police" march set out from the White House at sunset. This march wound it's way to MPD's headquarters-and proceeded to pull down the statue of Confederate general Albert Pike located right next to MPD!

Video-pulling down the Pike statue at MPD 1 min 1 sec

Statue of Confederate general (and possible KKK founding member) Albert Pike coming down right next to MPD (DC Police) headquarters

Patriot Front (Nazis) shows up at Lafayette, flees in cars with covered license plates

On the 18th of June, 8 members of the neo-Nazi group Patriot Front showed up at Black Lives Matter Plaza/Lafayette Sq. They didn't stay long when anti-Fascist activists began filming them and a few BLM protesters yelled at them. They fled north to L st, then back to their cars. They drove out of the Colonial Parking garage at 20th and Penn with their license plates covered up.

Patriot Front flees Colonial Parking at 20th and Penn with license plates covered on the first of three vehicles. All had covered plates

Freedom Plaza occupied for defunding MPD

On the 15th of June, activists occupied Freedom Plaza with the intention of holding the plaza for 36 hours. This was in response to a City Council hearing concerning MPD's budget for which hundreds attempted to register but very few were ever permitted to speak.