Last-minute prep in "prewar" Washington: Fence, National Guard-and facial recognition

On the 2nd of November, a small number of protesters faced off against "Jesus freaks" on BLM Plaza. Nearby, crews raced to install a high fence around the White House and buildings all over downtown were still furiously boarding up. This as reports of National Guard mobilizations circulated and the Washington Post called out Park Police for using facial recognition software against at least one George Floyd protester.

Workers installing J20/George Floyd protests style fence all around the White House area

Sun night reportback from 4D: cops avoid confrontation, hide inside station

On the 1st of November, MPD finally realized that police aggression against protests for Karon Hylton was just bringing people back to 4D night after night. Bike cops stayed out of sight while riot cops hid in the darkened and apparently mostly shut-down police station.

A protester's flashlight reveals riot cops behind the window in this darkened police station

Police harass ShutDownDC public meeting on Black Lives Matter Plaza

On the first of November, ShutDown DC set up chairs, a table, and a tent on Black Lives Matter Plaza for a public meeting and spokescouncil. Within minutes, MPD cops starting hassling them about DCRA, vending regulation, and Mayor Bowser's proclaimation used during the summer to harass Black Lives Matter activists on BLM Plaza.

A bunch of cops showed up before this tent could even be fully opened up.

Pro-Rojava rally held in front of Turkish Ambassador's residence

The 1st of November was an international day of solidarity with Rojava the YPG and the YPJ. Here in DC, a protest rally was held in front of the Turkish Ambassador's residence in Sheridan Circle. This was the site of the infamous May 2017 international incident where Erdogan's security guards beat and kicked Kurdish protesters during Erdogan's visit to Trump.

Police kettle Karon Hylton protesters, Bagshaw points out 8 for arrest

On the 31st of October, Karon Hylton protesters were at MPD's 4D station from before 8PM until about midnight. At one point, police claim protesters threw eggs at the station. In response, bike cops kettled the entire protest, and Lt Bagshaw pointed out 8 people including Karon Hylton's father for arrest.

Ford Fischer's video of Lt Bagshaw in the kettle directing use of 4 man arrest teams 58 sec

Lt Bagshaw(police intelligence) in the kettle about to call for 4 man snatch/arrest teams (still from Ford Fischer video)