Climate Defiance shuts down, drives off Mary Repco in Rayburn Building

On the 19th of July, Climate Defiance got inside the Rayburn Building and again shut down a Biden administration official responsible for approving more fossil fuel projects. This time the target was Deputy National Climate Advisor Mary Repko. She packed up and quit the field like all the others driven off by Climate Defiance.

Video: Climate Defiance shuts down Mary Repko's meeting at price of 9 arrests 2 min 20 sec

Still from Climate Defiance video

"Justice" Amy Coney Barrett gets another home demo

On the 13th of July, so-called "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett received yet another protest at her N Va home. She is also known as "the Handmaid" for her holding that exact title in the far-right Christian cult "People of Praise." The home demos continue, and far-fight whining cannot stop them. Only a guarantee of abortion and gender rights can do that.

Photo by Our Rights DC

Climate Defiance disrupts, temporarily shuts down Congressional Women's Baseball Game.

Video originally posted to Twitter of the players dancing to distract the audience from the protest 6 sec

Wednesday, the 12 of July was one of the four hottest days ever recorded globally. On that day, members of Congress fiddled while not only Rome but the whole world burned. The Congressonal Women's Baseball Game was supposed to be business as usual, but Climate Defiance had other ideas and temporarily shut the game down.

Protest held for brutalized Tampa 5 student protesters before court hearing

On the 12th of July, protests were held all over the US for the Tampa 5, who were beaten, arrested, and charged w felonies for a peaceful protest at the University of S Florida on March 6. One of these protests was directly outside the courthouse, and the defendents spoke to the rally before going inside for what sounded like a status hearing.

Video including defendents speaking on this ugly case 1 min 37 sec

Protesters outside the courthouse in Tampa, FL

XRDC challenges Washington Gas to a JOUST, Washington Gas forfeits w a no-show

Extinction Rebellion DC challenged Washington Gas to a joust over the future of their $5B "project pipes" in Banneker Park on the 7th of July. Washington Gas was a no-show, so contestants best described as the Green Knight vs the Gas Knight (stand-in for Washington Gas) jousted against targets for the win. Washington Gas's stand-in just could not hit their climate targets.

Jousting against targets in Banneker Park after Washington Gas failed to appear 51 sec