Book Banning issue arrives at Montgomery County, MD school board meeting

At a school board meeting in Montgomery County, MD (just north of DC), Moms4Liberty and a groups of Muslim parents demanded soft book bans (via an opt-out process) on pro-LGBTQ books. Pro-LGBTQ folks counterprotested, demanding schools remain secular.

Video based on Ford Fischer's clips 1 min

Photo of pro-LGBTQ counterprotest by Mont Councilmember Kristen Mink

Ajike Shanterell’s mother, community members speak at press conference after Ajike was murdered by Susan Lorincz

On Friday the 2nd of June in Ocala, FL, Ajike Shantrell went to the door of racist neighborhood bully Susan Lorincz to ask about an Ipad stolen from one of her four children. Susan opened fire without ever opening the door, killing Ajike. As she was a single mother this left her kids without either parent.

Video highlights of the press conference, featuring Ajike Shanterell's mother 6 min 7 sec.

Atlanta cops raid house, charge "money laundering" for Stop Cop City BAIL FUND

Heads up! The Atlanta Police Department just raided the “teardown house” and arrested three people for allegedly managing the Stop Cop City BAIL FUND.Supposedly bailing other people out of the Dekalb County Jail is now “money laundering.” I suppose lawyers who don’t argue for their clients to be jailed are next?

Literally laundering money to demonstrate to Ga Gov Brian Kemp the difference between laundering money and raising bail funds 1 min 46 sec

Video by Boudigga comparing Ga Gov Brian Kemp to the Hunger Game’s President Snow 1 min 38 sec

THIS is laundering money! Raising funds for bail is NOT

Proud Boys, "Moms4Liberty" turn Hernando County, FL school board meeting to circus over Disney film

Proud Boys, so-called "Moms4Liberty" turn Hernando County, FL school board meeting into circus with anti-LGBTQ hate. All this was over the Disney movie "strange world" which simply includes a Gay character in a movie about saving the world.

Video-Proud Boys, "Moms4Liberty" Hernando County School Board meeting 3 min 38 sec

Pro-J6 protesters assault counterprotester, attempt to destroy bullhorn

On May 29, Memorial day, a pack of pro-J6 (Capitol insurrection) protesters showed up outside the DC Jail. Opposing them and disrupting their brazen support for Trump's coup attempt was "DC Residents against Terrorism and Sympathizers," or DC RATS for short. One of the pro-J6 protesters got violent, assaulting a DC RATS activist carrying a bullhorn and attempting to destroy the bullhorn. The attacker was not arrested.

Video from clips by Ford Fischer and Zdiggler, two vantage points same assault 56 sec