Neo- Nazi identified among National Guard troops deployed to DC

On the 9th of June, Unicorn Riot published information proving that one National Guard soldier deployed from Ohio to DC to "control" the George Floyd Uprising is a neo-Nazi. He has since been withdrawn from DC.

Black Lives matter caps off day of marches with SE-SW freeway blockade

The 8th of June featured multiple street marches around DC by Black Lives Matter activist, including one with a major car caravan as a component. Just when it seemed things were winding down, another march left the White House area, and proceeded to block the freeway to the accompaniment of music on a powerful sound system.

Video-freeway blockade(march on 'till victory!) 2 min 27 sec

Marchers on the freeway go "over the top" placing multiple Jersey barriers between themselves and the cops

George Floyd protests continue for 10th day in a row, Lafayette Sq fence resembles Berlin Wall

On the 7th of June, DC's George Floyd Uprising continued for the tenth day in a row, with another big march from Dupont Circle and the are near the White House again dominated by protesters. Trump has his wall-8 feet high around the White House and Lafayette Square, and it now resembles the Berlin Wall with all the additions

Trump's Berlin Wall

Anarchist Federation (Greece): To the anarchist movement and everybody in the USA that participates in the struggle

To the anarchist movement and everybody in the USA that participates in the struggle, to everybody that is out in the streets fighting racism and authority.It is with excitement, suspense, hope and sorrow that we watch what is transpiring in the streets of the cities of the US after the racist murder of African American George Floyd. Our thoughts are with you, our solidarity will be expressed in action from here. You are the ones struggling in the heart of a superpower that, along with others, dominate the planet. You are in what the rest of the world sees as the “centre of the world”.

BLM activists edit Mayor Bowser's murel during huge day of protests, activist gets eye injury

Raw video: using spotlight and lasers to reveal police spotter/sniper team on roof 10 sec

A potentially major political event occurred late in the huge June 6 day of actions for George Floyd: Black Lives Matter activists got paint matching Bowser's 16th st "Black Lives Matter" murel and added the words "Defund the Police." There are fears that Mayor Bowser or her minions may attempt to deface or destroy this addition.

New text added to Muriel Bowser's "Black Lives Matter" 16th st murel with an actual BLM demand