Earth First! Videos

 These videos are available to watch until Wednesday morning 10 am PDT John Seed:  Also, Joanna Macy phoned in an interview: 

Same Christian Fascists who assaulted a child at Pasco Pride show up at Polk Pride

On the 17th of June, a Pride festival was held at Munn Park in Lakeland, FL. The same street preachers from a Christian/Fascist cult who assaulted a child at Pasco Pride back on Feb 4 were back, and again attempted to disrupt the event.

Video-showdown with the Christo-Fascists 2 min 28 sec

Video: The drag goes on at Polk Pride 5 min 8 sec

Showdown with the Christo-Fascists

Chaos in Miami, protester charges motorcade after Trump's arraignment on 37 Federal felonies

There were fights and showy scenes like someone with a fake pig's head with a US flag in it, but the star of the show was a heroic warrior who burst forth from the crowd as Trump's motorcade was leaving and blocked the road.By his own reports about 20 cops tackled him but his point was made. He was in 1930's style jail stripes and even a mock ball and chain.

Video of the circus in Miami w DC's own Nadine and the protester charging the motorcade 1 min 8 sec

Still from Joel Franco's video of a protester blocking Trump's motorcade

Dept of Energy blockaded with mock pipeline installation

On the 12th of June, climate activists continued their ongoing offensive in DC with a blockade and mock pipeline installation at the Dept of Energy's headquarters.

Video of the DOE blockade including aggressive motorist behavior 2 min 51 sec

Photo by Ben Goloff

DC activists celebrate as Trump gets indicted on 37 Federal charges

On the 10th of June, some DC activists celebrated the news that former "Not My President" Donald Trump has been indicted on 37 Federal charges.

Video by John Zangas:Celebration in front of the White House 42 seconds

Still from video by John Zangas