Democratic Socialists of America march on Sen Murkowski's home against Trumpcare

The 10th of July was a long day of civil disobedience against Trumpcare, with over 80 arrests in and around the offices of Senator's Flake and Ted Cruz. That same evening, the Democratic Socialists of America marched on the home of Alaska Sen Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), who is believed to be a crucial swing vote on the current Trumpcare bill known as the "Better Care Reconcilation Act."

Video of the march on Sen Murkowski's home

Youtube video-Trumpcare Protesters Storm Senate Ted Cruz and Jeff Flake Targeted

KKK 45 min late to own rally in Charlotteville before being chased away

On the 8th of July, the city of Charlottesville, VA turned out riot cops in force to defend a KKK rally from anti-Fascists. There were so many antifascists the KKK could not get in until 45 minutes of their hour permit had expired. Shortly therafter they left, with antifascists pursuing them back to their parking garages.

Video compilation showing CD that delayed the Klan, the faceoff against the KKK, then Va State Police riot cop attack

Baloch activists hold anti-CPEC protest during G-20 Summit in Hamburg , July 8 : As world leaders gathered for the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, activists from the Baloch Republican Party (BRP) held a protest against the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a multi-billion dollar project passing through the Balochistan provinceHamburg , July 8 : As world leaders gathered for the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, G

Dane Powell gets 4 months jail for protesting Trump, rescuing child from police

On the 7th of July, DisruptJ20 defendent Dane Powell received 4 months in jail for protesting Trump on Inauguration day and rescuing several people including a young child from violent, out-of-control police. The child had been pepper sprayed. Before Dane was sentenced, his supporters held a rally outside the courthouse, then went inside to pack the courtroom

Video of the protest outside the courthouse

Friday July 7: Stand in solidarity with J20 defendent facing prison for rescuing pepper sprayed child

On the 20th of January, DisruptJ20 defendent Dane Powell rescued a mother and child who had been pepper sprayed by brutal, rampaging police near the kettle of 230 other J20 arrestees. For this selfless and heroic act he was charged with serious felonies. He will be sentenced in DC Superior Court on Friday, the 7th of July. People are being asked to gather at 9AM outside the courthouse in solidarity

Gather outside 500 Indiana Ave (DC Superior Court) 9AM Fri, July 7

Video released by #DefendJ20 showing Dane rescuing child from police on Jan 20