Charlottesville to DC march arrives, occupies Farragut Square with tents

On the 6th of September, Charlottesville to DC march arrived, crossing Key Bridge after ten days marching. This is a "march to confront White Supremacy" and also is demanding that Donald Trump be removed from office. After their "closing rally" at the MLK Memorial, marchers set right back out, marching past the White House to Farragut Square. There the march pitched tents, announcing plans to hold 1/4 of the park for the entire month.

Video of the march crossing into DC from Virginia

Protesters march on White House, ICE, trump Hotel, DOJ as Sessions announces end to DACA

On the 5th of September, Donald Trump cravenly had racist attorney general Jeff Sessions announce that he was terminating DACA (Deferred Action on Childhood arrivals. He then punted the issue to Congress, giving them 6 months to pass legislation before mass roundups begin. In response, at least five protest marches went to the White House, ICE, the Dept of "Justice," Trump Hotel, and Capitol Hill. Penn Ave in front of Trump Hotel was blockaded twice.

Video-Trump's DACA announcement spurs protest marches all over town

A protesters wears a hat directly replying to "MAGA" hats in front of the White House

WWII-style posters appear in DC comparing Trump to Hitler

On the 3ed of September, a series of posters comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler appeared on lamp posts on DC streets. The posters are based on similar posters used during World War Two to motivate people to put their utmost efforts into defeating Hitler and the Nazis.

Charlottesville to DC March en route to Wed arrival at White House

On the 28th of August, a march to confront white supremacy set out from Charlottesville, VA to end at the White House in DC on Wed, September 6. The route is 188 miles long and Va state troopers have twice made excuses to pull permits and stop the march early for a day. The march is still on track to arrive on time, reaching Gainsville, VA 36 miles from DC on Sunday, September 3.

Continuous #Dreamaction17 vigil for DACA holding down at White House

The National Korean American Service & Education Consortium(NAKASEC) is holding a continuous vigil for DACA known as #Dreamaction17 until September 5. Sep 5 is the deadline given to Trump by ten racist state attorney generals to kill off the DACA program or face lawsuits.

Drum protest at 4PM August 31 at #Dreamaction17