"Injustice" Clarence Thomas gets another home demo

On the 17th of August, protesters once again showed up at the entrance to the posh private community so-called "Justice" Clarence Thomas lives in.

video from footage by Our Rights DC 1 min 36 sec

No cops showed up for nearly and hour!

Kamela Harris disrupted at closed fundraiser over Hawaii wildfires and climate chaos

On Saturday the 12th of August, Climate Defiance managed to obtain tickets to a closed Biden fundraiser featuring Kamela Harris in Massachusetts. As she spoke, Climate Defiance activsts stood up and interrupted her. They reminded her that the Biden administration is expanding "expanding fossil fuels faster than TRUMP!"

Climate Defiance's video of their disruption of Kamela Harris 52 sec

Lakeland, FL drag defenders DEFEAT Christo-Fascist attempt to halt drag show

On the 13th of August, one of Momma Rose's drag shows proceeded unobstructed in spite of attempt by two Christian nationalist groups to besiege and halt it.

Video: Chaos at Lakeland drag show ends in victory for defenders 2 min 30 sec

Orlando protests as Desantis replaces area's prosecutor w one of his minions.

On August 10, a substantial crowd protested outside Orlando City Hall against DeSantis sacking his SECOND elected prosecutor. This is not about someone losing their job, but rather about the dangerous fascist being appointed to take her place.

Video from the protest at Orlando City Hall 5 min

Climate Defiance HALTS play at Citi Open

On the 3ed of August, Climate Defiance got inside the Citibank-sponsored Citi Open tennis match in Washington DC. Once inside, they unfurled banners and tossed oversize mock tennis balls painted in flames onto the field. The entire event had to stop and wait while the mock tennis balls were removed, and security got quite rough with Climate Defiance.

Video from raw clips by Ford Fischer 2 min 11 sec