Code Pink demands Lush cosmetics close their stores in Saudi Arabia

On the first of June, Code Pink showed up outside the Lush Cosmetics stores on M st in Georgetown around the corner from the Embassy of Venezuala. They were there to demand that Lush shut down their two stores in Saudi Arabia, where women are tortured and imprisoned for protesting male guardianship laws and other misogynist Saudi oppression.These laws have been called gender apartheid.

HD Video-Code Pink protests at Lush's Georgetown store 1 min 15 sec

Millennial March On Washington takes to the streets

HD Video clip of the Millennial March On Washington in the streets 20 seconds

The 2019 Black Millennial Convention took place in DC from Thursday May 30 through Saturday June 1. After two days of workshops and events participants took to the streets for the Millennial March On Washington.

Kremlin Annex protesters stick it to Trump for concealment of USS John McCain during his visit to Japan

Amid the news of Trump's deadly racism on the border and the growing chorus of calls for impeachment over obstruction of justice, a new issue has arisen. When Trump visited Japan, someone ensured the US Navy's USS John McCain was kept out of sight as it is named for one of his political enemies. This is the behavior of a stereotypical tin-pot dictator. On the last day of May, protesters showed up with a mock version of the destroyer in front of the White House hoping to torpedo Trump's reputation. During this a 100 year old WWII veteran stopped by the protest.

HD Video-Mock USS John McCain makes port call at the White House 2 min 35 sec

Eminent domain suit in Federal court against MD for rejected Potomac Pipeline draws protest

On the 30th of May, water protectors opposing the TransCanada/Columbia Gas "Western Panhandle Extension" or Potomac Pipeline gathered at the Western MD rail trail near the proposed river crossing. MD's Board of Public Works voted unanimously to deny an easement for the pipeline to cross state-owned land in January. TransCanada's subsidiary Columbia Gas Transmission has responded with a lawsuit seeking federal condemnation (eminent domain) of MD owned land so it can be turned over to them to resurrect the Potomac Pipeline.

HD Video: Highlights of the rally and a tour of the trail near the planned fracked gas pipeline 2 min 57 sec

The Shortwave Report 05/31/19 Listen Globally!

Dear Radio Friend,     This week's show features stories from Radio Deutsche-Welle,  Spanish National Radio, Radio Havana Cuba, NHK World Radio Japan, and Sputnik Radio        From GERMANY- The Greens political party gained a great deal in the EU Parliament elections, with much credit going to the work of Greta Thunberg.