Cops surround They/Them march with bike cops, menace w fake kettles

On the 10th of October, the They/Them "Fuck the Police" march took to the streets, undeterred by Monday's police harassment of an activist house. A swarm of bike cops maneuvered in such a way as to keep the entire march inside what was nearly a moving kettle, with their lead elements moving at the last minute. The march had to disperse early again from 14th and Columbia due to escalating police aggression.

Video-police tactics used against the They/Them march 1 min 52 sec

A line of bike cops on the left flank of the march(looking back) similar lines were in front of, behind, and on the right with gaps only at the corners much of the time

Trump defies quarantine, Hatch Act to hold "law and order" rally at White House

On the 10th of October, a potentially still-contagious Donald Trump invited 2,000 GOP supporters to a "Back the Blue" rally on the White House South Lawn. While the theme was law and order, Trump violated DC health codes concerning isolation while actively infectious with COVID as well as the Hatch Act. The Hatch act forbids use of government assets (such as the White House) for partisan political purposes.

After Trump's rally:Trumpers march mocking BLM, supporting theocracy with "Jesus Matters" chant 26 sec

Trumpers vandalize posters at 16ht and H White House fence 6 sec

Image via "Vicky" (Twitter)

Armenians protest for end to US aid to Turkey as bombs fall on their land

On the 8th of October, protesters again filled Black Lives Matter Plaza from H st to I st. This time the Fascist being protested was Turkish dictator Erdogan and most of the protesters were Armenians. Demands were an end to US aid and sanctions against both Turkey and Azerbaijan, which is helping Turkey's efforts to continue their 1915 genocide.

Video-Armenians compare Turkey to ISIS(Daesh) 31 sec

Park Police, MPD harass activist house, retreat after drawing 50+ protesters

On the 5th of October, Park Police showed up at an activist house in DC, claiming to have a warrant against someone who does not live there. Facing a fast-growing crowd of neighbors and rapid-responding activists, the called MPD for backup, but in the end all the cops had to leave, though not before being filmed not wearing masks at close range to other people.

Police draw unexpected opposition during an attempt to visit an activist house

Cops threaten jail support for Sat arrestees w being arrested themselves

On the 5th of October, activists providing jail support for those arrested in Saturday's protests were themselves threatened with arrest by MPD. Cops turned out to be bluffing, the protest grew and even included go-go music before all arrestees were released.