Police chemical weapons OK on Jan 20, yet Trump bombs Syria over chemical weapons

On Thursday, April 6, Trump ordered US forces to level the Syrian airbase from which the April 4 chemical attack on Khan Sheikhun was launched. An estimated 50 Tomahawk missiles were used. Trump said it was indisputable that Assad's regime had fired chemical weapons. Also indisputable is that Trump's Jan 20 Inaugural parade would not have reached the White House without wholesale use of chemical weapons by police against anti-Trump protesters.

DC ReInvest calls on DC, residents to divest from pipeline/prison funding Wells Fargo

On the 5th of April, DCReInvest showed up in front of the Wells Fargo at 801 Penn Ave. Speakers urged all in earshot to close personal accounts with the notorious funder of the DAPL pipeline and private prisons. In addition, several speakers noted that the DC government is now legally REQUIRED to move their $2 billion in accounts out of Wells Fargo. This is due to the bank earning a "failing grade" with their ongoing housing discrimination and redlining.

Video highlights of DCReInvest at Wells Fargo

Resistance fighters attack Trump National Golf Course in VA in solidarity with J20 arrestees

On April 1, the Trump National Golf Course in Sterling, Virgina was found with anarchist symbols dug into it and the word "resist" emblazoned in bleach on a fairway. The damage was found one day before Trump was due to appear there in person for a round of golf with Sen Rand Paul. A communique appeared on claiming this action as a solidarity action for the over 200 people arrested during the DisruptJ20 protests against Donald Trump's inauguration. This act of militant direct action is a shot across the bow those who think cops and jails can stop the resistance to fascism and to Donald Trump.

NBC News photo of the damage to a fairway on Trump National Golf Course in Sterling, VA

Update: MD officially bans fracking with Gov's signature

On the 4th of April, MD Governor Hogan signed the permanent fracking ban bill into law, making MD the 3rd state in the US to ban hydraulic fracturing for gas.