Video-bombardment of Portland Federal courthouse in response to Trump's Gestapo

Protesters enraged by illegal "arrests" by Trump's Gestapo beseige and bombard Portland's Federal courthouse. Fireworks pound the building while activists with lasers work on the pigs from behind the shield wall protecting protesters from enemy fire.

A direct hit on Trump's precious Portland Federal courthouse

"Georgetown Karen" who rammed protesters w car is a DOJ attorney

On the evening of July 25, one of the groups associated with BLM protests marched through Georgetown. A car driver rammed them, putting the car in gear and pushing through in three separate moves. Her car has been identified by Twitter posters as being registered to Robbin K Blaya, an attorney with Trump's Department of Justice.

Zack Vandy16's video of driver ramming though Gtown protest 11 sec

Georgetown Karen about to ram

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf gets protesters at his house over Portland outrages

DHS acting secretary Chad Wolf is in charge of deployments of Fedral troops to Portland and elsewhere. He also has called all protesters "Violent anarchists" regardless of tactics. On Sunday, July 26 protesters responded by gathering outside his house. Calls were made for him to experience "social consequences" for his crimes against the people.

Video from Twitter clips: Chad must experience "social consequences" for Portland 31 sec

FTP March repeatedly defeats bike cops after probable undercovers start incidents

On the evening of the 25th of July, an FTP (Fuck the Police) march took to the streets in solidarity with Portland and with all those murdered by police. Undercover cops in the march repeated started trouble, at one point even managing to steer the march into what was supposed to be a trap. Only problem for the cops was that determined protesters kept defeating the bike cops who were supposed to spring those traps.

Video-FTP march defeats bike cops w help from own bikes 1 min 43 sec

One of several front lines where bike cops attempted to control or shut down protesters but failed

Big rally in Columbia Heights demands cancellation of rent over COVID-19

On the afternoon of July 26, a big crowd gathered in Columbia Heights to demand that the DC City Council and/or landlords cancel all rent owed by tenants for the months affected by COVID-19. Landlords of course should be free to refuse to pay their mortages for the same reason, and if that takes down the banks bailing out depositors directly doesn't let the rich divert the money to their own pockets.