"Protest and Paint" and bikes on BLM Plaza

On the 29th of July, Black Lives Matter activists held a "protest and paint" sign painting on BLM Plaza to prepare for Saturday's big push. Back on July 16, cops harassed a similar sign painting session, this time MPD had the good sense to stay away. About an hour and a half into this, activists on bikes rode through the Plaza as part of an evening ride.

Video-the bike riders come through BLM Plaza 47 sec

Sunset yoga sessions hold space on BLM Plaza

Black Lives Matter protesters are still holding out on and around Black Lives Matter Plaza. Major protests almost always stop there, and on July 28, organizers held one of their periodic sunset yoga session there. Also midnight yoga has been held on some weekend nights.

Sunset yoga on BLM Plaza

Stimulus Plan Must Include Puerto Rico Say Major Religious Leaders

Religious leaders representing over 95% of Puerto Rico's population wrote Congress urging that the island be included in the next stimulus plan. Job creation, disaster relief and protections for the vulnerable were lifted in a letter signed by leaders of the Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, Christian (Disciples) and Evangelical Churches.

Video-bombardment of Portland Federal courthouse in response to Trump's Gestapo

Protesters enraged by illegal "arrests" by Trump's Gestapo beseige and bombard Portland's Federal courthouse. Fireworks pound the building while activists with lasers work on the pigs from behind the shield wall protecting protesters from enemy fire.

A direct hit on Trump's precious Portland Federal courthouse

"Georgetown Karen" who rammed protesters w car is a DOJ attorney

On the evening of July 25, one of the groups associated with BLM protests marched through Georgetown. A car driver rammed them, putting the car in gear and pushing through in three separate moves. Her car has been identified by Twitter posters as being registered to Robbin K Blaya, an attorney with Trump's Department of Justice.

Zack Vandy16's video of driver ramming though Gtown protest 11 sec

Georgetown Karen about to ram