March for Public Education opposes Trump/Devos budget cuts, privatization

It's been six months since the violent police attacks on protesters at Trump's inauguration, and opposition to the Trump agenda is still turning people out in the streets. On the 22nd of January, a large march took over Independence Ave to oppose the corporate takeover of education advocated by Trump and his transphobic Secretary of Education Betsy Devos. Devos is a radical privatization advocate whose sole qualification for office is giving millions to Trump's campaign fund.

Video of the March for Public Education

3D Citizen's Advisory Council Meddles in J20 Proceedings

July 7 - J20 defendant Dane Powell  was sentenced to serve 4 months of two 36 month sentences after accepting a non-cooperating plea agreement at the end of April. Ahead of sentencing, the government, led by AUSA Kerkhoff and Borchert, submitted materials to the court supporting their position that both Dane and all J20 defendants should spend significant time behind bars for attending a protest.Among the documentation submitted include

Graffiti Spotted in Solidarity With J20 defendents

Graffiti has recently been spotted in so-called greater Washington, DC in solidarity with the J20 defendents' international week of solidarity, which goes from July 20-27. Graffiti was also spotted in solidarity with the Mariner East 2 pipeline resisters in Pennsylvania at camp white pine. Here are some links for more information.

3rd Trumpcare bill stopped after disruptive protests in Hart Building, Sen vote on possible ACA repeal bill 7-25

Update 7-24: Die-in at US Capitol as GOP plans 4th attempt. Sen McCain to return to Congress Tues 7-25 for vote(presumed YES), only one GOP public no at this point. Koch Bros piggy bank reported closed until GOP gets both Trumpcare and Trump tax bill passed.

On the 17th of July, the world got more proof that protest works and direct action gets the goods. Hours after a highly disruptive civil disobedience protest against Trumpcare inside the Hart building, two more GOP Senators declared they would vote no. With 4 no votes from the GOP and 100% nos from the Dems, this bill is again dead. No doubt Trump will try yet again, but Trumpcare has just struck out with three defeats in a row.

Video of protest and arrests in Hart building atrium

Hart building atrium action against Trumpcare, similar to the Bush-era 2007 Iraq War protests in the exact same place. Photo by Amirah Sequera

No Justice No Pride marches for Transgender Liberation

On the 13th of July, No Justice No Pride returned to the streets of DC. With attacks on transgender women soaring and two violent assaults recently, the cops seem more interested in singling out people of color for unpaid bus fare. In addition they are still hassling transgender sex workers as though Stonewall never happened. In the face of these outrages, No Justice No Pride is saying enough is enough.

Video of the march and some of the speakers

No Justice No Pride marches to Indiana Ave on Penn Ave