Five Seattle media outlets subpeonaed for raw video/photos of protests

On the 31st of May, protests in Seattle included the burning of police cars same as in DC the previous night. Also included was the seizure of two guns from the cops. A month and a half later, a Federal judge issued subpeonas to the Seattle Times and four TV stations for all photos and videos of the protests that night. If they comply, they will have to be treated as police photographers at all subsequent protests.

DC Indymedia journalist Luke Kuhn burns a 2018 grand jury subpeona on the courthouse steps. The Seattle Times and those four TV stations can do this too.

Bowser demands 14 day "self-quarantine" of travellers/returnees from high virus areas

On the 24th of July, DC Mayor Bowser issued an order demanding that anyone entering or returning to DC from high coronavirus areas such as Florida "self-quarantine" for 14 days. There is no enforcement measure included other than business being allowed to deny service to those who do not comply, and the potential to invoke the Communicable and Preventable Diseases Act. Thus MPD does not appear to be empowered to make arrests for violation of this. It is Possible that Trump knew this was coming and that this is the reason the Jacksonville, FL RNC events have been cancelled.

Car pushes protesters as Mayor Bowser gets another Defund MPD home demo

On the 23ed of July, Black Lives Matter activists arrived outside Mayor Bowser's house for yet another residential protest demanding she defund MPD. The protest was largely an educational session on how cops don't make Black people any safer. As a real-world example of this, cops did nothing about it when an impatient driver tried to forcibly push through protesters as the rally began.

Video of the car incident 1 min 52 sec

Driver using his car in an attempt to forcibly push through protesters across the street from the Mayor's house

The Shortwave Report 07/24/20 Listen Globally!

Dear Radio Friend,     This week's show features stories from Spanish National Radio, Sputnik Radio, Radio Havana Cuba, and NHK World Japan.   (If you have access to Audioport there is a highest quality version posted up there {33MB}        From SPAIN- Aliso

Video: Federal cops get their asses kicked in Portland street battle

Wow! Wrestling with bacon on the bottom!