Hundreds protest at White House after Trump repudiates Paris Climate Agreement

On the 1st of June, Donald Trump unilaterally repudiated the Paris Climate Agreement, formally pulling the US out of the deal. He called for "renegotiating" the deal only to face European leaders saying "once you're out, you're out" and refusing his demand. Hundreds of protesters gathered at the White House within two hour in response to Trump's refusal to honor US treaty obligations.

Video including Representative Jamin Raskin calling climate change "a dagger at the throat of humanity"

Park Police SWAT shuts down Black Pride event at Malcolm X Park

On the 27th of May, US Park Police, some in SWAT uniforms shut down a Black Pride event at Malcolm X Park. Other Black Pride events still going on. Reports on Twitter claim that the Capitol Pride organizers do not consider this incident to be grounds to expel police from marching in the Capitol Pride parade on June 10.

CISPES Solidarity Cyclers Ride returns to DC after 180 miles in 3 days

On the 29th of May, the CISPES Solidarity Ride returned to DC from 180 miles on the road by bike in three days. The ride raised over $17, 500 for the CISPES Education Fund, which supports community-based organizing in El Salvador. The Washington Peace Center reports some of this organizing will be efforts to resist border militarization in both Central America and in Mexico as being pushed by the US.

Video including interview with a participant and scenes from the last 10 miles of the ride

Riders at the finish line, the very end of a 3 day, 180 mile ride

Jack Posobiec sends fake "anarchists" with pro-censorship signs to net neutrality protest

On the 18th of May, activists holding a sit-in and rally at FCC headquarters for net neutrality noticed several folks trying to pose as anarchists, with signs calling for banning far-right websites. This message was in direct conflict with net neutrality. Jack Posobiec streamed this fake news of planted signs onto Twitter via their "periscope" service.

Video from Media Matters raw clips showing Rebel Media cameraman and fake pro-censorship protesters at 5-18 net neutrality protest

Alt-right fakes pose as anarchists with signs calling for banning far-right websites at net neutrality protest