Code Pink activists assaulted by Trump brownshirts in Las Vegas

On the 21st of January, a Code Pink activist was punched and violently dragged out of a Donald Trump rally after raising a banner and demanding an end to the hate Trump is peddling. As the brownshirts pummeled her she lost her jacket. When someone tried to return it Donald Trump himself ordered the good samaritan to stand down, saying “leave her jacket there… to hell with her.” This is what makes the violent Trump supporters brownshirts-the command and control relationship between them and their Fuhrer Donald Trump. This kind of ugly violence is more commonly associated with German beer hall speeches in the late 1920's and early 1930's than with elections in the US.

Code Pink sent out this report quoting the activist who was assaulted:

Yesterday we traveled to Las Vegas with our “Stop Hate” message for Donald Trump and the media that covers him. I was at the front of his rally and after listening to 45 minutes of vitriolic hatred, I raised my banner and shouted, “Stop the hate, Donald Trump’s hatred incites violence and leads to war!”

Trump shouted “get her out of here” and then called me a “young woman that doesn’t know… she’s lost”. I was pushed through the crowd by supporters who shoved signs in my face. Someone punched me in the chest with their fist while all around me they chanted, “Trump! Trump!” as loud as they could. A few people in the crowd apparently tried to return my jacket, which I had left behind in the scuffle, to me, but Trump told them “leave her jacket there… to hell with her.” Las Vegas police then dragged me through the crowd to the street, where they said if I came back I would be charged with trespassing. I was shaking from the gauntlet of hatred I was pushed through.

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