Iran solidarity rallies held all over the US

Video-scenes from the Orlando rally 50 sec

On the 22nd of October, supporters of the ongoing uprising in Iran held solidarity protests in cities all over Turtle Island. One of these protests was in DC, another was in Orlando. Still another in LA drew a reported turnout of 40K. One chant heard in Orlando was "one solution-revolution!" Signs called for revolution and regime change in Tehran.

The uprising began as protests after a yong woman was murdered in custody by "morality police" over "improper hijab" or too much hair showing for the theocracy's tastes. Since then the government has attempted without success to kill the protests by killing over 200 protesters. Usually this sort of thing turns protests into armed insurgency and either revolution or civil war, depending on how much support the regime of the day can muster from the population. Iraq's insurgency began with a single incident of US troops firing at protesters after a helicopter blew a flag from a minaret and protesters gathered. Syria's civil war has been said to have begun when parents of a 13 year old protester tortured to death by police were told to "go home and make new babies." Police murder sows dragon's teeth.

The history of how this will play out in Iran has yet to be written.The thugs that run the theocracy there have shut down most of the Internet,so just getting news out of the country demands major efforts from hackers and technical experts, or alternately old school smugglers with physical media. Protesters here however are now saying that protest in Iran is over and revolution has begin. If this is accurate, the theocrats unlike the Shah cannot retreat to Washington.

The main slogan of Iran's uprising

The Iran solidarity rally in Orlando by City Hall

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