Skanska VP gets home demo against his company building vivisection lab

On the evening of July 23, DC Stampede visited Mongomery Villager, MD, home of Martin Sharpless, VP of Skanska USA Building. They found most of his neighbors disapproved of his company's work at University of Washington (state) building a new vivisection laboratory. Four signed letters asking him to drop the contract.

It is exceptionally rare in my experience for a home demo to work out this way, I can only remember two prior occasions. One was the protests at the home of John Negroponte, where tense confrontations with his security team followed by distribution of DVD's about his war crimes made him a neighborhood paraiah. The other was a visit to the Virginia home of an abusive landlord in Takoma Park by Homes Not Jails Takoma back in 2002. In that incident the landlord was trying to illegally evict tenants from part of his building by such measures as turning the heat all the way up and even illegally boarding up while everyone was at work. Homes Not Jails deployed squatters to another unit in his building-and deployed protesters to his home neighborhood. The protesters found his house had an extension doubling its size, and all his neighbors hated him. I was there, we were invited in for tea by his disaffected neighbors.

Now the Vice President of Skanska finds that animal torture has put him in the same category as that abusive landlord and John Negroponte. His actions are so disgusting that his neighbors support the protesters who show up against him and some even take action with the protesters. Anyone facing this needs to think about just what they are doing wrong to alienate their neighbors!

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