Remembering Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr (video)

On the second anniversary of the execution of Shia civil rights and democracy activist Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr by the Saudi Arabian government, his god-son Mustafa and a colleague drove from Michigan and joined Code Pink to protest in front of the Saudi Arabian embassy. Despite a wind chill in the single digits, the late Sheikh's voice filled the street in a reminder of the continuing human rights abuses against Shia citizens in Saudi Arabia.

YouTube Livestream


Short interview at 16:35

"If I had a hammer"

-Ital Iman I’m reading some stuff on your page DUDE what did you do.are you in jail ?  -Anthony Ventura I got bailed out Today, walked over to an Ethiopian restaurant called Axum in downtown Indianapolis, ate a huge vegan sampler platter, and walked several miles home. (sends a story of incident) -Ital Iman OK I'm fixing to read it and run hard with itGet back with you after i read it.  -Anthony Ventura Yes I.The exclusive interview is all Yours, if You are interested  -Ital Iman Yea man I want it.Like I say I will run hard w

Monument Vandalism

Puerto Rico’s Religious Leaders Call for Debt Relief and End to Austerity

Puerto Rico’s Religious Leaders Call for Debt Relief and End to Austerity                                                               Clergy Propose Federal Reserve Intervention       by Andrew Hanauer  Tuesday Sept 1st, 2015 Puerto Rico’s relig

#JusticeForMuslims protests police shootings, FBI entrapment

On the 11th of June, both Muslim activsts and DC Ferguson activists showed up at the Dept of Justice to protest the recent spate of police shootings of Muslims in the US and the FBI's well-worn resort to entrapment. The tactics now in use by the FBI are essentially those of the Green Scare coupled to a quick willingness to open fire. African-American activists against police brutality fear they are next in line for FBI entrapment and murder, this has happened before.

Video of some of the speakers

DC area Muslims remember 3 students murdered at Chapel Hill, NC

On the 12th of February, hundreds of people, mostly DC area Muslims, came together to remember three young Muslim students murdered in an apartment near Chapel Hill, Univ of North Carolina. Speakers at the Dupont Circle vigil included several people who knew them. There is considerable suspicion that the three young students were murdered because of their faith. The makes the Chapel Hill shootings a hate crime and an act of domestic terrorism.

Video-a family friend of the three students speaks in Dupont Circle

Hundreds at Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle church decorates trees with "Black Lives Matter" ornaments

On or before the 16th of December, cardboard Christmas ornaments appeared on trees outside the Church of the Pilgrim Presbyterian near Dupont Circle. The ornaments read "Black Lives Matter." This is in contrast to ugly things hung from trees or gates in other places such as Berkeley, where a dummy in an "I Can't breathe" T-shirt was hung in public.

Great Zine On Collective Housing Strategies and Tactics

Hey Folks! We have just finished writing a zine on living in an activist collective intentional community. It was written as a practical guide with tools and references to assist in achieving a more sustainable approach to strategies and tactics for reaching goals. We approach this work from the experience in our shared collective narrative in an effort to ground much of the theory in our practice.