Sarasota County, FL School Board meeting draws big protest vs book bans, fundamentalist takeover

On the 18th of April, a Sarasota County, FL School Board meeting drew a huge protest against book bans, the anti-trans hate coming from all but one Board member, and a proposed takeover of New College at DeSantis' urging by an outfit called Vermillion, which is tied to far-right Hillsborough College.

Video-protesting outside the Sarasota County School Board meeting before some went inside to speak 1 min 47 sec

Identifying with that which Is Prior to Consciousness

Awoke early and watched random thoughts crawl through the mind, before moving the body in the direction of the showers at Building Bridges homeless shelter in Ukiah, California.  This segued to bottom lining the trash & recycling chore, which then prompted a trip to the nearby laundromat.  Returned to the homeless shelter with the laundry squeaky clean, put on a cap and sunglasses, and headed out for a breakfast burrito and cup o' coffee at the Ukiah Co-op.  Next stop: the Ukiah Public Library.  Right this moment am on a public computer at p

IMF Urges Wealthy Countries to Send COVID Aid to Poor Countries

October 4, 2021

Available for interview: Eric LeCompte, Executive Director
Contact: Olivia Engling, Communications and Operations Manager / (202) 709-7696 

IMF Urges Wealthy Countries to Send COVID Aid to Poor CountriesCountries Can Donate Special Drawing Rights, an Emergency IMF Currency

Extreme-right Sean Feucht "Let Us Worship" concert gets tiny turnout

On Sep 11 and 12, Christian evangelical and far-right activist Sean Feucht held one of his "let us worship" concerts on the Mall in DC. His permit called for a maximum of 30,000 attendees, but photos show he got less than 10% of that if even that..

This is nowhere near 30,000 Christian fundamentalists and MAGAts

Pope Visits Iraq Amidst COVID Crisis, Conflict, Soaring Poverty and Struggling Economy

Pope Francis kicks off a 3-day Iraq tour and meetings with Muslim leaders, government officials and representatives of the country's dwindling Christian population. Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Iraq saw poverty numbers climb to 37% and an estimated 11% contraction in its economy.

Swami Chidananda on Samadhi

Swami Chidananda on SamadhiThe word “Samadhi” is used to mean trance as a practice, as a technique, being one of the eight Angas of the Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali. It is a Sadhana; it is something that is practised. But, quite often, the same word “Samadhi” is also used in the sense of the culmination of Yoga or the ultimate objective or goal of Yoga; then it denotes a state of superconsciousness, a state transcending all mind-activity. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that in the Yoga Shastra the term as such is used to mean both a practice as well as a state of superconsciousness.

Rev. Barber Leads Nonviolent Direct Action at the White House

The Rev. Dr. William Barber leads a delegation of moral leaders in nonviolent direct action at the White House to challenge the policies of the Trump Administration and Congress that separate immigrant families from children, deny healthcare to the poor, cut SNAP for those in need and sow division to maintain power. Live Video Stream


Pastors, church elders hold mass "reclaiming Jesus" march on White House against Trumpism

On the 24th of May, a number of high-profile Christian pastors and church elders led a massive march on the White House against most of what Trump stands for. Organzers estimated 2,000 marchers participated, many carrying electric candles in the evening. From these lights the smoke of hate could not rise.

Video of the march and mass candlelight rally at the White House

The march steps out from two churches at Thomas Circle