Police harass Indymedia journalist at home in wake of Unite the Right II #shutitdowndc

Update: The poster of the Daily Caller video which triggered the harassment has been identified as Benny Arthur Johnson of NW DC.

On the evening of August 16, an Indymedia journalist was harassed at home by police. There was one Montgomery County, MD white police SUV and two dark unmarked cars. Four cops were visible. One or more approached the house, saying they wanted help identifying others shown in a Daily caller sting video targetting counterprotesters against Unite The Right II. The journalist refused to cooperate.

Police backed away from the house after receiving a harsh refusal to cooperate, but they hung out in the street for maybe a half hour before leaving. The video in question is exceptionally ugly: the Daily Caller sent a videographer into the counterprotests, asking people what they would do if Trump was right in front of them. The Secret Service did not like the replies, but apparently could not recognize one or more of the folks targetted by the Daily Caller's entrapment operation. In the background of one clip was the Indymedia vidiographer, himself filming what probably was the main Fascist march, camera held high overhead to see over the crowd. This may have been the only lead the SS (Secret Service) has, but also may not have been. Once again, this shows the danger posed by fascism's own "journalists" who make their own news with these sting operations. This is essentially the Daily Caller standing in for Veritas.

Had the Daily caller's excuse for a journalist been recognized, the sting operation would have been stopped by tailing and identifying the Daily Caller's cameraman as the danger he was and remains. Of course, Nazis and KKK members marching in the street is perhaps the ultimate distraction.

This incident was the second time the same Indymedia journalist has been harassed at home by police in less than a year.

This is all the camera could do in the dark. The cops are faintly visible to the left of the cars, two of their three cars are in this shot

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