Metro Transit Union Protests Special Train for Hate Rally

Amalgamated Transit Union 689 protests outside Metro Center demanding the ouster of General Manager Paul Wiedefeld for providing special accommodations to attendees of the Unite The Right II rally.

YouTube Live Link

Video featuring speaker from Black Lives Matter and the union rep to whom Paul Wiedefeld promised no special trains (3 min 8 sec)

According to a letter circulated to local elected representatives, "... the world watched as Metro and Washington D.C. rolled out the red carpet for white nationalists who were holding a hate rally on the White House lawn. Mr. Wiedefeld, who is hired by the board members you appoint, did precisely what he promised the public he would not do and organized the special accomodations for the white nationalist at Vienna Metro Station, where he was present to see everything as it happened. Hate, prejudice, and racism do not reflect who we are in this region and giving special services to anyone who embraces those principles should never occur at Metro."




Video below is the short video featuring Black Lives Matter

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