"Trump is a Pig" projected on Trump Hotel

On the 21st of November, some folks who earlier had protested the appointment of climate change denier Myron Ebell to Trump’s transition team stopped by Trump Hotel with a high powered projector. They used it to project the words "Experts Agree-Trump is a Pig" over the barricaded doorways of Trump Hotel. These words echo the widely posted "Experts Agree-Meese is a Pig! posters from the 1980's that played a role in hounding Ronald Reagan's Attorney General Edwin Meese III out of office.


Two days earlier, Trump Hotel had been booked to host the National Policty Institute's "meet and greet" dinner that has been rejected by the Hamilton after protesters warned they would engage the event. Trump Hotel then claimed to have double-booked the room. This is possible, but its just as likely someone either in Trump's team or in NPI realized they were looking at a very bad image for known white supremacist Donald Trump to openly host a "white nationalist" event in his own hotel just blocks from the White House.

When even Trump Hotel bailed on NPI, that set up the later showdown where NPI decamped to Maggiano's, only to have protesters track them there and storm the restaurant.

Photo by Christopher Soghoian

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