Russian flags with Trump's name on them given out-and waved-at CPAC

On the 24th of February, "left-wing operatives" were expelled from CPAC after sucessfully infiltrating this notorious right-wing convention and distributing Russian flags emblazoned with Trump's name. Unaware of the nature or source of the flags, many at the Conservative Political Action Committee or CPAC accepted the flags and began waving them before staffers managed to round them up.

The flags refer to the ongoing scandal concerning Trump's close contacts with Russian intelligence operatives during the election and the related connections to Russian interference in the 2016 election. Some are calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump on the basis of this solicitation of foreign interference in the election. The decision by CPAC organizers to "confiscate" the flags raises questions of theft, as once distributed the flags became legally the property of those posessing them. In MD, misdemeanor theft of property worth less than $100 carries a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail or a fine of $500 but not both.

Talking Points memo credited two operatives from Americans Take Action with getting into CPAC and giving out the flags. CPAC this year is at National Harbor, which is only accessable by one highway ramp from the Beltway and one bike trail, and which has complete control over all usable vehicle parking. It is a difficult target for mass protests, though busses and vans can overcome the access issues, as could a march routed right up the bike trail.

Photo by Maya Shwayder

Photo by PolitiDiva

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