Video-three months of resistance to Trump

Protest and direct action against Trump's first three months in office, mostly in DC and starting with the pre-inauguration buildup to the massive DisruptJ20 protests. Mainstream media starting to talk about Trump's first 100 days, well here's our answer!

Video compilation of protest and direct action mostly in DC this year against Trump and the Trump agenda

timeline of video:

0:00-50 Jan 1-17 prequel -The buildup to DisruptJ20 0:50 Jan 18 march on Mike Pence's home 0:57 Jan 19 Deploraball erupts 1:35 Jan 20 DisruptJ20 protests and street battle (all from clips published elsewhere by others) 1:35 VOA "after receiving instruction the group moves through the city in silence" to checkpoint blockade 1:44 SURJ/BLM/Standing Rock checkpoint blockade 1:52EMPTY stands for Inaugural parade 1:56 Richard Spencer punched! 1:59 charging into pepper spray to rescue elder assaulted by police 2:02 "Kettle charge" to break out of mass arrest spares hundreds, 230 still mass arrested 2:16 Police van flees at full throttle reverse on K st 2:21 Limo driver boasts of voting for Trump 2:24 same limo in flames 2:29 police blast protesters with stingball and flashbang grenades 2:33 VOA report: "Clashes continued into the night" 2:39 Jan 21 Women's march in front of White House 2:48 Jan 23 No Surrender-emergency protest at White House against Keystone XL and DAPL 2:54 Jan 25: "Revolutions are built on hope" Greenpeace hangs RESIST banner from crane 3:03 Jan 26 street march in Philadelphia against Trump appearance 3:10 Jan 29 mass protest at BWI airport against Trump's Muslim Ban 3:16 Jan 29 another mass protest at Trump Hotel against Trump's Muslim Ban 3:20 Jan 29 O'Keefe stormtroopers drag journalists down stairs from their event 3:30 Feb 1: Queer march from Trump Hotel to White House 3:35 Feb 6 "You can't drink oil" DAPL protest at Citibank 3:44 Feb 8 Queer march on Mike Pence's new home at Naval Observatory 3:54 Feb 15 Jewish peace groups protest both Trump and Bibi's walls 3:58 Feb 20 "Not my President's Day" march leaves Dupont Circle 4:05 Feb 23-24 N Dakota Cops and National Guard assault NoDAPL camps 4:14 Feb 22 DC Divest at Wells Fargo demand DC funds out of Wells Fargo unless they dump DAPL 4:25 Feb 28 pot and pan banging march against Trump's address to Congress 4:32 Mar 4 DC antifascists confront fizzled "March4Trump" 4:43 Mar 8 "Day Without Women" strikes, street marches 4:52 Mar 10 Major Indigenous march against Dakota Access Pipeline w teepee raising at Trumo Hotel 5:08 Mar 13-14 snowfall "who said snowflakes can't shut down DC?" 5:12 Mar 20 DC Divest at Wells Fargo (DAPL) 5:17 Mar 21 Dakota Access pipeline SABOTAGED! 5:26 Mar 24 Never Newsham street blockade 5:35 Mar 24 Never Newsham protesters dragged from City Council, cop says "to the trash can" 5:47 Mar 26 blockade and siege of AIPAC convention 6:00 Mar 26 Cherry blossoms-to see them again after all this! 6:07 Apr 1 Black Lives Matter marches on 7D police headquarters 6:18 Apr 1 Queer March on Ivanka Trump's Dupont Circle home 6:30 Apr 1 Trump National Golf course sabotaged in solidarity with J20 arrestees 6:35 Apr 1 anti-Transgender "Hate Bus" chased out of Philadelphia 6:40:Apr 3 same "Hate Bus" kept away from GWU 6:46 Apr 8 Neo-Nazi leader Richard Spencer glittered and chased away from White House 7:07 Apr 12 BMW driver tries to ram through DC Bike Party 7:14 Apr 15 Tax March past Trump Hotel demands Trump release his tax returns

So much more to come: Stay in the streets, KEEP RESISTING!

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