Boston neo-Nazi "Proud boys" rally humiliated by larger counterprotest

The neo-Nazi "free speech rally" of the so-called "Proud boys" and "based stickman" in Boston turned into an embarassing defeat for the facists. Some right-wing reporter known to hang with "based stickman" is whining about being "assaulted," for a while there were only about 100 of the "proud boys" present. Counterprotesters held the ridge above the fascists, two arrests reported.

For most of the rally, the right-wingers were reported to be "low energy" and "just milling around" without even giving speeches. Meanwhile, antifa activists chanted things like "Go back to 4chan! At one point, one of the facists is reported to have run up the hill and punched someone "twice his weight" before being removed by police. One report that this was the first person arrested. Far right claims to have countercharged after antifa charged down the hill at them, unknown if any truth to that or it is a reference to the single fascist trying to beat up someone twice his size. For some reason the cops arrested the Nazi for punching an antifascist protester, even though all day they had faced in the direction of the antifa, not those who had publicly told people to expect violence and come in "based stickman" gear meaning armor and things like their flagpoles that could be used as clubs.

At about 3PM the fascist march withdrew from Boston Commons and marched away, complete with a Kek flag and even a Japanese Imperial (WWII) flag. In the end, right-wing posts on a social media website (not sure which one) conceded defeat and "blamed" mainstream conservatives and even the oathkeepers (!) for their humiliation at the hands of anti-Facists.

This battle is also being fought on Twitter. A recent problem has been the growth of fake Twitter accounts that appear to be Antifa accounts and mix what appear to be legitimate photos and accounts of actions with calls for revoking the First Amendment (which applies to governments only) and that sort of thing. One of the "Boston Antifa" fake twitter accounts posted a shot of a thin crowd holding the high ground on Boston Common, probably while most marchers were in the streets of the city. They hashtagged the photo with an anti-free speech hashtag plus those that would be expected in an effort to smear anti-Fascist organizers. In reality, the First Amendment forbids government censorship and arrest, not opposing protests. The first words of the First Amendment are "Congress shall make no law" and this has been extended by courts to also apply to all other institution of government under the US. Nowhere is shouting down or counterprotesting hate speech or anything else mentioned in the US government's Constitution.

Another fake Twitter account (Cambridge Antifa) posted shots of huge marches elsewhere in Boston, some of which were found to be from protests on other days in Boston. It is possible those photos and locations were meant to divert and distract counterprotesters from reaching Boston Commons, along with a report of subway problems for "police activity" on the same fake Twitter account. It was reported elsewhere that a "mainstream" or liberal rally called against hate scheduled for 3PM was cancelled on "advice" of police. In the end, right-wing posts on a social media website (not sure which one) conceded defeat and "blamed" mainstream conservatives and even the oathkeepers (!) for their humiliation at the hands of anti-Facists.

Video-a trumper gets arrested for assaulting a counterprotester. Video originally posted to Twitter by Luke O'Neill

Holding the ridge above the fascists as things kick off-Stand Against Hate BOS photo

Unicorn Riot photo of the tiny "Proud Boys" rally in Boston Commons

Boston DSA photo of the fascist rally

Faceoff with the fascists! Cut from larger photo by FungalMonolith

Another shot of the faceoff between the “proud boys” and antifa. Unicorn Riot photo shot from behind the fascists

The right wing march abandons Boston Commons, appears to be police following them

Neo-Nazi "Kek" flag in the alt-right march in Boston

Right wingers concede defeat on an unknown social networking site

The Boston Herald published this photo on twitter clearly showing the green "Kek" flag of the Nazis-and showing a weak fascist turnout

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