Protesters gather at US Capitol as vote looms on Trump tax bill

Update Dec 2: Tax bill passes Senate 51-49 despite report it would add $1.4 Trillion to deficit, must still be reconciled with House bill.

Video including a speaker declaring Trump's racism as necessary to preserving extreme income inequality from first day of protest

Beginning at 3PM on Nov 30, protesters gathered at the East side of the US Capitol to oppose the Trump tax bill. Like most GOP economic efforts, this bill robs from the poor and middle class to give to the rich. Under this bill, a person with $3M a year in income gets a $100K tax break, while a person with less than $50K in income will usually pay more.

Protesters vowed to stay all night over Nov 30-Dec 1, as the People's Fillibuster continued until the Senate voted on the tax bill late on the night of Dec 1-2.. As the first evening became night rain came through, and someone ordered pizza for the cold but determined protesters. In the end, the Senate passsed the bill, but it must still be reconciled with the House version, leading one Ywitter poster to call this "halftime."

Exemptions from taxation in the bill include maintanance on private and corporate jets, and votes from GOP Senators were bought with language allowing oil drilling in ANWR (Alaska National Wildlife Refuge), and at one point even anti-choice provisions were added. The final vote was 51-49, with all Repugnicans except Bob Corker (an anti-deficit activist) voting yes, and all of the Democrats voting NO on Trumps, tax scam.

Kill the Bill! The People's Fillibuster at about 3:30PM

The People's Fillibuster a little after 5PM

People's Fillibuster shortly before 10PM (Lacy MacAuley photo)

These folks stayed all night to oppose the now-stalled GOP tax bill(photo from Senate Democrats twitter feed)

Who really runs the US Treasury and Congress? (photo of Code Pink at People's Fillibuster 11-30 daytime)

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