Riders OBJECT to proposed DC Circulator route changes to favor private business over other riders

Video highlights of the hearing (5 min 15 sec)

On the 4th of January, riders of the DC Circulator objected at a public hearing to proposed April 2018 "major service changes" that would favor upscale development on the Potomac Waterfront over existing bus riders and over nonprofit and governmental agencies and their workers.

Two notable changes are to be the removal of DC Circulator service from Union Station to Capitol Hill, and DC Circulator service to Good Hope Road. Traffic was cited as an excuse for ditching service on Good Hope Road, but as one speaker pointed out, traffic is at least as bad on M st NW, and nobody is proposing to eliminate DC Circulator service there.

These proposed changes to the DC Circulator are part of a larger agenda of transit privatization and favoring upscale residents over people of color. The wave of police harassment and arrests of African-American riders of Metrorail is another arm of the same octopus, as are all efforts to push bus riders onto Smartrip and off of cash.

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