Trump's military parade might be moved out of DC

On Thursday, the 8th of February, Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said of Trump's grand miitary parade "We don’t know that it will be in Washington." If the parade does avoid DC or gets cancelled, that will be a major win for DC government officials who declared the DC government would not close for the parade as they do for an inauguration. Such a parade in DC could be "another J20" for Trump as protesters swarm the streets and he parades again before empty bleachers.

The DC Council has released this statement on Twitter, where Trump can see it: The DC government will open on time today. DC Public Schools will open on time today. Sadly, the Giant Tank Parade is cancelled. Permanently. "

The Washington Post quotes the DC Council as saying "Tanks but no tanks" to the Dear Leader's North Korean-style military parade. DC Councilmember David Grosso was even quoted as saying he would organize "an equally large parade and march for peace and for nonviolence."

David Grosso would not be the only one seeking to counterprotest Trump's Fascist-style parade. Surely the Women's March would come swarming back to DC for the rematch, as would anti-fascist and anti-racist activists from all over the East Coast, possibly from as far away as Boston and Atlanta. The refusal of the DC government to shut down traffic or issue a permit for Trump's march could be a deal-breaker in itself, but if not the dense traffic of a normal working day would give protesters a great deal of cover against the kinds of wholesale police assaults and roundups we saw on J20 2017. If MPD kettled protesters again, and half or more of those caught in the kettle were people trying to leave their place of work for lunch or go shopping, the legal exposure for Newsham and Mayor Bowser would be staggering.

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