MD residents rally in Baltimore to kick fracked gas infrastructure out of state

Video featuring Krish Vignarajah, Chelsea Manning, and more

On the 18th of April, MD residents from Cove Point, Accokeek, Myersville, and other places menaced by fracked gas project protested outside the MD Dept of the Environment. They were there to demand that the existing state ban on fracking be made meaninful with a ban on fracked gas pipelines and compressor stations, and that the export terminal at Cove Point be shut down.

One resident who lives in Cove Point reported that she can already smell unusual odors in the air on certain days, even though Dominion is just beginning to bring the plant online. The compressor station in Accokeek if build would have as its sole purpose feeding a lot more fracked gas to that export terminal. Elsewhere in MD, the Potomac Pipeline would move fracked gas from the gaslands of PA to yet unbuilt industries in W Va, with MD getting nothing but the risk of a drilling fluid spill during construction or a pipeline explosion.

Also speaking in the rally (and featured in the video) were MD candidate for Governor Krish Vignarajah and US Senate candidate Chelsea Manning

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