Clarksville, MD hosts one of many global Rise for Climate events

Video calling out MD Governor Hogan's fake "Green Governor" position and explaining what solar cooperatives and community solar installations are.

On the 8th of September, one of a great many Rise for Climate events around the world was held at Clarksville Commons in Clarksville, MD.(Note that I originally misidentified the location-this was in Clarksville, MD in Howard County, not Clarksburg, MD, which is in Montgomery County.)

One of the later panelists chewed out MD's governor Hogan for being not a "Green Governor" but a "politically astute governor." Gov Hogan claims to oppose fracking while supporting gas export out of Cove Point, MD, the Potomac Pipeline, fracked gas compressor stations and other projects to move out-of-state fracked gas into or through the state.

Earlier panels offered concrete alternatives such as rooftop solar cooperatives to reduce installation costs and community solar projects. At the start of the video, fossil fuel industry lobbying money gifted to MD's politicians is compared to a "grand jury subpoena from Hell" that must be resisted no matter what the price.

Luke Kuhn compares fossil fuel lobbying funds to "grand jury subpoena from Hell"

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