WH Impeachment protest Day 65 and 66: Me Too vs Trump and Kavanaugh

Sep 19, Day 66Full HD Video: Trump called "Amoral" in lights

The 18th of September was the 65th day of ongoing protests outside the White House demanding the impeachment of Donald Trump. With Trump's Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh on the hot seat for attempted rape, the focus was on the "Me Too" message and movement.

Kavanaugh's committee vote on confirmation had been scheduled for Thursday, Sep 20. Now it has been put off pending the outcome of the Monday, Sep 24 public hearing at which Dr Christine Ford will most likely testify against Kavanaugh in person. Kavanaugh will no doubt attempt to respond by smearing her with the same kind of garbage Anita Hill had to deal with from Clarence Thomas, but Anita Hill did not have the #MeToo movement backing her up.

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