"Climate Wave Rally" in Annapolis promotes MD "Clean Energy Jobs Bill" on first day of session

Video-Gov Hogan asked to "trade in his purple surfboard" for a green one, and why states must lead when Federal government will now

On the 9th of January, environmental groups rallied near the MD State House for passage of the "Clean Energy Jobs Act." This bill would mandate that 50% of MD's electricity come from renewable sources other than trash incineration within ten years.

After being re-elected, Gov Hogan claimed to "have a purple surfboard" to "ride the blue wave" so protesters asked him to trade in his purple surfboard for a green one.

The Clean Energy Jobs Act is similar to recent legislation in DC, except that is also specifies an effort to convert to 100% renewable sources of electricity after the 50% target is met. One of the sponsors of the bill remarked that the states need to "get out front" with climate legislation because the Federal government is doing nothing, which of course will continue until Trump is removed from office.

The passage of state legislation to counteract Trump's wholesale rollback of environmental standards and brazen denial of climate change is just one more way people are resisting the wannabe Fascist dictator Donald Trump.

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