State of the Union draws protests in multiple locations

Video from the motorcade route protests 3 min 1 sec

Before Donald Trump could give his State of the Union Address filled with racist venom against migrants, he had to get past protesters. There were protesters at the White House and along both the Constitution Ave and Independence Ave motorcade route options.

Trump or Secret Service sent what appeared to be the dummy motorcade past the largest protest at 3ed and Constitution Ave, then afterwards police set up pen fence as a dummy defense of Constitution Ave. This was apparently a diversion to convince protesters that Trump would use that route, while the real motorcade used the Independence Ave route, passing the smaller protest presence. Trump was unable to evade protesters entirely without detouring the motorcade far off-route through unsecured parts of the city, so he had to suck it up. The Russian flags along the route were a reminder that he depended on Vladimar Putin to interfere in the 2016 election and as a result will always be Putin's vassal.

As Trump spoke, crowds reacted with disgust at Busboys and Poets, where Code Pink had set up a viewing in a room that drew a capacity crowd. All TV screens in the restaurant showed the speech. Patrons monitored his words closely for any sign he would declare a "state of emergency" to bypass Congress and fund his racist border wall. While he did not go down that rabbithole just yet, the venom he poured in his anti-migrant speech section no doubt caused much indigestion at this and many other venues. His speech droned on for what seemed like an hour and a half.

Bonus at end of video: Luke Kuhn tells alt-right figures Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich to "bring it on" and "run with the big dogs or stay on the porch"

A motorcade's-eye view of the Constitution Ave side of the main protest

Russian flags line the Constitution Ave possible motorcade route at 3ed St

The KremlinAnnex protests at the White House on the night of the State of the Union speech

A packed house at Code Pink's viewing of the State of the Union address

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