Rally at White House (and more coast to coast) demand release of full Mueller report

Some video highlights of the DC rally 2 min 14 sec

On the 4th of April, several of the big liberal and Democrat-aligned NGO groups held hundreds of rallies from coast to coast demanding that the full Mueller report be released to the public and that Congress get it entirely without redactions. One of the rallies was in front of the White House, where speakers suggested the tiny "summary" released by the attorney general might not even be an accurate assessment of the report's true contents.

Speakers and signs suggested the US public is damned well capable of reading and can evaluate the contents of Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election and obstruction of justice by Trump for themselves. "Help" from the attorney general in "understanding" Mueller's two years of work is NOT welcome, with many speakers emphasizing that attorney general Barr may have been selected by Trump specifically to bury Mueller's work.

There has been much talk of Congress issuing a subpeona to obtain Mueller's report, at which point any member of Congress could either release it openly or post it covertly to somewhere like Wikileaks. The problem with a subpeona is this: If the author of this story can burn a grand jury subpeona in front of a Federal courthouse and get away with it, so can Donald Trump burn a subpeona for the Mueller report on the steps of the US Capitol and get away with it.

That can be lived with, people just need to know the environment they are working in. In this case, it jmeans we need another way to get at Mueller's report. For Congress to respond to a burned subpeona by attempting to have Trump jailed for contempt would be likely to be overturned by pro-GOP members of the Supreme Court, and would pit the US Capitol Police against Secret Service if Trump decided to simply not to cooperate with that either. That sort of thing is so destabilizing that it is doubtful Congress would try, and impeachment requires a 2/3ds majority of both houses of Congress including the GOP-dominated Senate(to convict and remove from office).

Other documents, notably Trump's tax returns are also now being demanded by Congress, and they will need to come up with something better than flammable subpeonas to get them. Social engineering aimed at "law-abiding" junior officials in DOJ and IRS might be a good place to start. One of Donald Trump's tax returns is already public, a joint tax return released by one of his exes.

If the Mueller report exonorates Donald Trump, why are he and the DOJ hiding it?

The overall scene

No King of AmeriKKKa!

These toilets at Lafayette Square are almost always locked when protest is expected in the age of Trump

Trump's diapers are full of what passes for "alternative facts"

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