Rent-striking tenants of 1454 Irving backed by supporters rally and march on 14th st

Sanctuary DMV video of the march orginally posted to Twitter 17 sec

On the 5th of April rent-striking tenants of 1454 Irving St NW rallied at Columbia Heights Civic Plaza and then marched on 14th st.This was the second Friday in a row of these protests. Tenants are withholding rent in opposition to what appears to be an attempt at "eviction by neglect" with mold, broken heat, and pest infestation intentionally not repaired. The landlord has made it clear he wants the tenants OUT. Many have been there since the 1970's and the surrounding area has been gentrified.

The apartment is subject to rent control, and the landlord has flatly said he wants to sell the building WITHOUT the tenants, presumably to someone who will redevelop or renovate for upscale "New Washingtonians." The slumlord is offering tenants only $15,000 to relocate.Seven families are refusing to leave, declaring a rent strike since the landlord is threatening eviction anyway and breaching both the lease and DC law by refusing to maintain the property.

Sanctuary DMV photo of the rally

Surprise! The rally turns into a march on 14th st (photo by Sanctuary DMV)

Photo of the building with protest signs flying by Greater Greater Washington (

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