July 4: Trump campaign rally, Code Pink's Baby Trump balloon, Proud Boys start trouble

On July 4, Code Pink set up the Baby Trump and Trump on a toilet balloons as Trump turned the July 4 Mall events into a campaign rally for himself. Outside the checkpoints, MAGAts (Trump supporters) were everywhere along with Trump campaign signs and hats. Some of the Proud Boys showed up and when protesters burned a US flag the Proud Boys responded with a near-riot.

HD Video: Proud Boys assault and police arrest flag burners at White House From Alejandro Alvarez Twitter clips, 1 mn 31 sec

HD Video: Dogs destroy US flag, Pepe the Frog chew toy at "Burn the American Plantation" party 1 mn 2 sec

Code Pink reports that the Code Pink balloon although grounded will be in direct line of sight of Donald Trump when he gives his speech. The US Navy's "Country Current" pulled out of his concert citing the rain, but other reasons may also exist. In the 3:30-5PM range, lots of reports of "wet and miserable" Trump supporters on the Mall emerged.

At almost exactly 5PM, Carl Dix and Joey Johnson(victor in the 1989 Supreme Court flag burning case) burned a US flag outside the White House. Proud Boys responded with a near-rigt, first trying to put out the flames, then harassing any and all Trump opponents within sight in an exceptionally ugly scene.This is just the start, as hundreds of fascists and outright Nazis are expected in DC on July 6, most of them no doubt staying over from Trump's speech today.

John Zangas photo of Trump Baby Balloon. It is grounded as Trump himself will be if Congress ever takes real action on the Mueller report

Trump on the throne (Still from Code Pink video)

Trump campaign trash on display just outside the 17th st checkpoint. Similar to materials burned during J20 (Trump's Inauguration) and outside the Deploraball

Proud Boys in DC already starting to hassle people.

Joey Johnson and Carl Dix burn the AmeriKKKan flag in front of the White House. Proud Boys waiting in the crowd rushed the scene trying to put out the flames, afterwards were hassling many other people around the White House

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