Trump's ICE raids end in humiliating defeat

On the 23ed of July, ICE announced that their repeatedly-delayed "family operation" had netted only 35 arrests (and only 18 from the target list) out of 2,100 people listed as targets. Trump had threatened "millions" would be rounded up and sent to ICE's concentration camps. His own tweets though stirred up a firestorm of interference and direct action, and the "family operation" ended as a humiliating defeat for Trump

Make no mistake about it: 35 people sent to the living Hell of Trump's concentration camps is 35 too many, but rapid response networks and everyone making it plain that urban sweeps would meet a community expecting them and prepared to fight back deterred most of the raids. Some of those raids that did take place were defanged by direct community intervention. It was reported that a human chain in Nashville, TN sucessfully protected one migrant from arrest, for instance.

Everyone from church congregations to street fighting anarchists stepped up to the plate to fight back. Without YOUR help, hundreds or even thousands could have been sent to concentration camps over the color of their skin. That in turn would encourage still more roundups, something now less likely to happen. It remains the case that small-scale terrorism by ICE will likely continue, but their fangs may have been pulled so far as major urban assaults are concerned. We were not successful in protecting everyone, but we stopped literally 99% of the planned arrests, plus the "collateral arrests" that would have ballooned the 2100 person target list to 4-5,000 total kidnappings. We have mostly won, Trump's racial purity police have been badly defeated.

Also credit must be given where credit is due: Willem Van Spronsen's direct physical attack on transport vehicles at an ICE detention facility, carried out as the price of his own life, scared the shit out of ICE everywhere. It directly caused the third and final delay of the "family operation" with ICE whining about "incendiary rhetoric" to avoid having to admit to being scared off by incendiary DEEDS. One burning prison van melts just as much ICE as a thousand lockdowns and ten thousand burning candles.

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