Kremlin Annex protesters call out Trump for Proud Boys' chairman on his re-election team

HD Video including the callout over the Proud Boys chair getting a post in Trump's 2020 campaign 1 min 59 sec

On the 8th of August, Kremlin Annex protesters called out Donald Trump not only for his general promotion of hatred and violence but specifically for his elevation of Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio. The Proud Boys are an avowedly Fascist group known for extreme violence such as group beatings, rather like the original Nazi Stormtroopers.

While the Proud Boys are normally associated with white supremacists (for whom they've often acted as security/enforcers), Enrique Tarrio's status as an extreme-right Cuban exile was apparently enough to "trump" opposition to his accession to leadership of the Proud Boys. Much of the Proud Boys' hate is directed at women and at Muslims. May all their battles end as the Bay of Pigs did!

The Kremlin Annex protesters in addition to condemning Trump for elevating Enrique Tarrio to a campaign job as head of Latino outreach also condemned Trump's own Proud Boys-style history. They mentioned his physical assault on a teacher when he was in school, his calls to supporters at his rallies to meet protesters with force and violence, and the many women stating he sexually assaulted them. One of the speakers noted a recent poll in which over half of GOP supporters polled stated Trump should ignore Congress and the Courts and rule unilaterally. That was described flatly as a call for Fascism. Casting a pall over all else was the sense that Trump's repeated tweets and other calls for hate and violence may have brought about several of the recent mass shootings in the US. A speaker noted that Trump has claimed he could "shoot immigrants in the Florida panhandle" and get away with it.

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