Anti-migrant hate rally in Rockville draws huge counterprotest

HD Video: Big counterprotest opposes Rockville anti-migrant hate rally 2 min 36 sec

On the 13th of September, an anti-migrant hate rally (some participants in MAGA hats) in front of the Montgomery County Council's offices drew a much larger counterprotest.

The hate rally was demanding Montgomery County hold jail inmates for ICE detainers, which is not the current practice. The MAGA hatted racists were accusing Montgomery County of violating some kind of law by denying ICE access to "secure areas" of the county jail, even though Federal court rulings have held that localities and states are not obligated to enforce Federal laws. They made this complaint while themselves occupying the steps in defiance of direct orders from police. Thus, the hypocrisy of the far-right was on full display. Needless to say, since cops tend to support ICE and fascism in general police took no action against the racists for defying them. Had it been CASA de MD occupying the steps, police violence would have been expected.

The MAGATs even went so far as to demand prosecution of Montgomery County officials for their very limited and partial sanctuary county measures. The excuse given was 8 crimes allegedly committed by undocumented migrants, out of the tens of thousands of migrants documented and otherwise in the county. Statistics have shown that migrants to the US have a lower rate of arrests for violent crimes or "property crimes" than the average for the population at-large. After all, successful criminals simply don't need to leave their homes behind and travel thousands of miles to an unknown land where many do not even speak the language.

One of the alleged crimes was a rape, in a re-invocation of the classic racist trope about people of color raping white women that has been used to "justify" so many lynchings and pogroms over the years. In response, one of the counterprotesters had a sign saying "you don't care about rape, you just hate brown people!"

Both Judicial Watch and the Daily Caller showed up in addition to the presence of MAGA-hatted Trumpers in the right-wing rally. The Daily Caller is often present at outright Nazi events such as "Unite The Right II" Aug 12 2018 in DC. Judicial Watch is famous for false claims of voter fraud and even for harassing climate scientists>

Although it was the racists in the MAGA hats that were in front of the County Council office saying county officials should be jailed and who knows what else, most of the police were as usual focussed on ensuring the fascists were protected from counterprotesters.

The reality of the far-right's campaign in Montgomery County

Long view of the counterprotest with the smaller hate rally on the other side of the street

"Hate will not replace us" responds to white nationalist "you will not replace us/Jews will not replace us" chants from Charlottesville

MAGA-hatted Trump supporters were common in the hate rally

One of the MAGA-hatted Trumpers up close

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