Kremlin Annex protesters celebrate as Pelosi opens impeachment inquiry against Trump

Since the summer 2018 Trump/Putin Helsinki Summit, "Kremlin Annex" protesters at the White House have been demanding the impeachment of Donald Trump. On Sep 24 and 26, they celebrated as Trump's new new Ukraine "Do me a favor" finally forced Nancy Pelosi to open an official impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives.

That Summer 2018 summit was where Trump stood side by side with Putin as both denied that Trump sought Russian help to steal the 2016 election. Now Trump has been caught a second time with his hand in the same cookie jar, demanding that Ukraine investigate his possible 2020 rival Joe Biden's son. Shortly after the "do me a favor" phone call in question, Trump suddenly unfroze a US military aid package for Ukraine. This has drawn comparisons even in the capitalist press to Mafia gangster behavior, and Trump now joins the very short list of US presidents ever to face an official impeachment inquiry.

While it is unlikely that the GOP-controlled Senate will ever convict and remove Trump no matter WHAT he does, if the House passes one or more Articles of Impeachment Trump will be in a far weaker position to dispute the 2020 election results or attempt to remain in office after an electoral defeat.

Kremlin Annex protesters on Thursday, Sep 26

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