People's State of the Union pushed away from Capitol for Trump's speech

Video: People's State of the Union continues as cops repeatedly push it back 3 min 25 sec including Ford Fischer's clip of Luke on WWII and "we intend to win" today's war against fascism

On the 4th of February, cops pushed Refuse Fascism's "People's State of the Union" protest away from the Capitol. First they were pushed to the Supreme Court, then most of the way to Union Station. Protesters denounced the blatent self-serving abuse of power by Trump and that fake impeachment "trial" with neither witnesses nor evidence.

Hours later, Donald Trump's guests at his State of the Union address included Venezualan coup plotter Juan Guaido and a relative of someone supposedly killed by an undocumented migrant. The latter inclusion is a classic "guilt by association" play, with Donald Trump comparing ALL undocumented migrants to murderers. The reality is for every such crime thousands of migrant children have suffered in Donald Trump's border concentration camps.

Trump's speech also featured his refusal to shake Nancy Pelosi's hand, for which she paid him back by tearing up the transcript of his speech when he had finished that long-winded diatrabe. A large number of Democratic Senators were wearing white in protest, and at one point they staged a mild disruption of Trump's jawing. For his part. Trump went to far as to award a medal to Rush Limbaugh, presumably for his decades of spewing right-wing hate on talk radio.

People's State of the Union on the Capitol steps

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People's State of the Union being pushed back

Exiting the Capitol compound

An abbreviated program was finished at the Supreme Court before that area too was closed off

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