Correct behaviour when looting

If you notice that there is looting in your area, get to the action quickly, even if you don't want to take part yourself. Arrived there (without order of precedence): 1. exhorts all those who go in to put on masks (!) and gloves for their own safety (G20 sends its regards)  2. immediately destroys all alcohol, especially hard alcohol Drunken aggressive crowds have a tendency to endanger their immediate surroundings (especially drunken groups of men *cough*). Many riots have also fallen asleep due to too much alcohol in the truest sense of the word.  3. keep the people inside constantly informed about the situation outside.  4. send people around to check out the escape routes and report any movements of the cops.   5. try to enforce simple rules that increase distributive justice. E.g. only take as much people as you can carry, shopping trolleys are not allowed, so there is more for everyone. Old and weak first etc.   6. secure the fire extinguishers. These help not only against fire in closed rooms (very dangerous if there are other floors above), but also as a weapon against cops and other idiots.  7. mobile phone videographers and the like get their informer tools taken away.  8. if you have the capacity take part in building barricades in the surrounding streets.   Stay healthy and stick together!

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