Breaking: Washington Football Team discussing dumping their racist name

On the 2nd of July, word leaked that Fedex was considering yanking their sponsorship of Fedex Field over the Washington Football Team's racist name. Racism is incredibly "politically toxic" right now, and someone at Fedex must have deemed that name an unacceptable risk. With the team's finances at stake, Dan Snyder is finally "discussing" changing the football team's name.

CNN is reporting that Fedex has directly asked the Washington Football Team to change their name. Apparently investor groups in turn were pressuring Fedex.
This means business, and Snyder has to cooperate or risk losing the sponsorship and possibly even the field if the economy is bad enough. This is a classic example of how "tertiary targetting" can force social change. Racist team owners are like puppy-killing vivisectors: no amount of protest will directly force them to change their ways. Pressure on other business partners of their key business partners however is far more effective. The Washington Football Team will not survive financially if they become the HLS of football, with antiracist Indigenous and Black Lives Matter groups pulling together to drive away business from their corporate sponsors.

WTOP Radio reported (and there has been discussion since June) that one name under consideration is "Red Tails" after the Tuskagee Airmen in WWII. They were an all-Black fighter squadron, known for the red paint on the tails of their P-51 Mustangs. Due to racism throughout the US military, this was an extremely difficult unit to get into, thus only the very best pilots got into the red-tailed Mustangs. In battle, they blasted Nazi fighters out of the sky, even when the Germans were flying Me-262 jets against their piston and prop Mustangs. They fought in the air to clear the path for the heavy bombers that blasted Nazi Germany to smoking ruins. Soon, Southern white bomber pilots who at first had turned up their noses about being escorted by Black fighter pilots were specifically requesting the Red Tails. This was because word got out that a Red Tails escort meant you were coming home from the mission almost for sure.

The Tuskagee Airmen were the aces of aces, nobody could outfly them. Thus, Red Tails will be a magnificant name for the Washington Football Team, though it may have to be earned on the gridiron. Dennis Bank's curse that some say ended the team's Super Bowl run of the 1970's and 1980's does contain a reversal clause covering the name change. The curse states that so long as the team is named for an anti-Indigenous slur, the ancestors will join their opponents on the field and inflict many injuries on their players. Since the curse, the team has been plagued with injuries and never won another Super Bowl. If the name changes, the same ancestors will then play on their side.

CNN is reporting tthat Fedex has directly asked the Washington Football Team to change their name.

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