Trump, FOUR GOP Senators get COVID, throwing Barret confirmation plans into chaos

Update Oct 6: 4th GOP Senator tests positive, Barret confirmation margin down to two votes

Fast-breaking news on Oct 2 had Trump first testing positive for COVID, then getting sick, and finally being taken to Walter Reed Hospital. GOP Senators Sen. Thom Tillis (N.C.) and Mike Lee of Utah both tested positive too, probably exposed at Trump's Sep 26 announcement of Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court. Two more GOP Senators later tested positive too. Now the GOP want to delay Barrett's confirmation hearings, as they may be down 2 votes

If the Senate is forced to delay debate and voting on Amy Coney Barrett's nomination, she might never be confirmed to the Supreme Court at all. (UPDATE 10-6: now FOUR GOP Senators have covid, a vote now gives a 49-47 close win for the GOP, but the Senate is shut down for two weeks.) If three more Republican Senators get the virus, Barret would lose outright on any confirmatio vote. That could save the ACA and prevent insurance companies from declaring COVID-19 or anything else a "pre-existing condition. It could also smash Republican dreams of trashing Roe Vs Wade and making abortion, birth control, and non-cishet sex felonies.

Donald Trump is the direct cause of the Southern and Western summer surges in COVID-19 cases, as too many people there drank the no-mask kool-aid he was pushing. Now he has it too, and so do a surprising number of people who have been exposed to him from the Supreme Court/Barret announcement to the debate to everywhere in between, for the most part mask-boycotting Republicans. Closer to (his) Trump's his own recklessness in sharing his COVID risk with other Republicans may causes the Barrett nomination to crash and burn) If so, the vast majority of Turtle Islanders who don't get to go to Walter Reed for experimental treaments if they get COVID will greatly benefit from keeping health insurance greed on the ACA's leash.

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