Duelling protests greet highly irregular Sen committee vote to confirm Barrett

Video: The US Capitol rally and disruption of right-wing events 2 min 8 sec

The 22nd of October saw duelling protests at the Supreme Court, Rayburn Building, and Capitol after a rushed Senate Judiciary Committee vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett 12-0. All Democrats boycotted the hearing. Twice Sen Lindsey Graham defined Senate rules to hold the vote.

This vote was supposed to be at 1PM, but was instead moved up to the very opening of business, before the meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee could even really begin. The vote in the full Senate is now scheduled for Monday, Oct 26 and could occur as early at 7AM! GOP Senators are scrambling to get Amy Coney Barrett confirmed prior to both an election Trump could lose and the SCOTUS hearings on the Affordable Care Act. Confirming ACB could save big health insurance companies billions by bringing back pre-existing conditions exclusions such as having ever had COVID, or being at high risk for COVID complications.

An Indymedia videographer attempted to cover the US Capitol rally where several Democratic Senators condemned the process being used to ram through the ACB nomination for the Supreme Court. Capitol Police however insisted on hanging around too close and obvious with their dogs, forcing the videographer to depart.

A loud sound system disrupted and may have played a role in driving off a right-wing rally at the Supreme Court. Songs played included The Coup "We got the gullotine." Right-wingers decamped to a new rally site at the Dirksen.

Handmaids at a US Capitol rally where several Democratic Senators spoke

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