Premature Deaths,Profiteering, Abuse: US Nursing And Assisted Living

Premature Deaths,Profiteering, Abuse: US Nursing And Assisted Living


Unnecessary deaths, abuse, neglect, excess profiteering, conflict of interest, substandard food, constant noise, theft,
denial of civil liberties... some of the hazards of the warehousing of seniors in assisted living and nursing home facilities

In 1968 Antony Armstrong-Jones published a documentary "Don't Count The Candles" regarding the tragedy of senior confinement. An 80 year old man was taken against his will to a nursing home. One scene showed him wistfully looking out the window as his relative left, one silent tear sliding down his cheek.

NPR's Ina Jaffe reported this month that many nursing and assisted living institutions are running on a shoestring, with understaffing while money is siphoned to owners' pockets.

1.Excessive Profiteering B H Gray writes that 75% of these facilities are now for-profit ones.

2. Shoestring understaffing causes neglect and sometimes premature death.

3. The lack of ethical supervision generates abuse from yelling at residents to physical assaults, chemical and physical restraints.

4. Substandard food is a complaint across the US. Some facilities are spending as little as $6.00 a day per person, less than prisons.

5. Noise .. talking and laughing loudly during midnight shift
Loud sounds interfere with the sleep and health of residents.

6. Constant interruptions

7. Incarceration Living behind locked doors without the freedom to leave is imprisonment

8. Lack of privacy, including conjugal rights

9. Theft

10. Denial of the right to refuse medication. In the last 4 years, NPR reports, the right to refuse dangerous antipsychotic drugs has declined.

11.Residents have the right to sleep rather than be forced to go to breakfast

12. Abuse of Durable Power of Attorney

13. Premature Deaths: Poor air filtration systems, food poisoning, constant noise and interruptions, nurse understaffing, abuse, and confinement depression
are some factors of high death rates in assisted living and nursing home facilities.

14 Conflict of interest: Some facilities are owned by physicians who have a profit motive in filling empty rooms, turning their temporary patients into permanent residents.

15 There are virtually no black residents in many of these expensive jails
Profiteering and neglect
Poor Quality Food
Federal court strikes down hospital practice of refusing care
Residents Not Allowed to Refuse Dangerous Antipsychotics
Nursing Home Theft
Abuse of durable power of attorney\
ACLU on aspects of nursing homes
Violations of Privacy

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