Cops threaten to tow go-go truck as protests begin at BLM Plaza, McPherson Sq

BLM-DC video-cops force back crowd so they can threaten to tow go-go stage truck 31 sec

On the evening of Nov 3, protesters opposing Trump's expected attempt to stop the vote count and steal the election gathered. There was trouble in less than an hour as cops forced back the crowd on BLM Plaza, threatening to tow the go-go stage truck. The truck was moved to McPherson Square, so soon two places filled with protesters.

At some point during the same time as the threat to tow the go-go truck, cops violentely arrested an African-American man on an unknown charge. After the go-go was moved to McPherson Square, there were several "thunder runs" by MPD bike cops through both the go-go audience and the watch party for election returns also taking place in McPhersoon.

On election night, cops closed roads all the way to L st NW.

7PM at BLM Plaza

The "Tax chicken" set up at the McPherson Square election result viewing and go-go party

Some Trump supporters outside Harry's Bar. Proud boys etc have often gathered there after fascist rallies in DC

Bike cops "thunder run" through McPherson Square to intimidate protesters

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