Shut Down DC marches visit RNC and other targets, join rally at McPherson

Video: Speaker from Uganda on election interference there in 2016 1 min 28 sec

On the 4th of November, Donald Trump put into place his plans to stop/steal the election with the first of many "stop the count" lawsuits. Michigan was his first target. On the same day, protesters showed up at Republican Party headquarters and many other places participating in Trump's efforts to seize ongoing power. The day culminated in a Count Every Vote rally at McPherson Sq and dancing into the night at BLM Plaza.

One of the speakers at the Count Every Vote rally in DC's McPherson Square was from Uganda. She told the story of how dictator Yoweri Museveni interfered forcibly in his opponent's efforts to unseat him in the 2016 election there. This story in this context compares Trump and his election interference to the disputed elections seen all over the rest of the world. So much for US exceptionalism!

More Video: Shut Down DC marchers in the streetby Shut Down DC, 1 min 7 sec

There were many ugly developments locally and nationally on Nov 4. Locally there is the incredibly ugly attempt by MPD to blame Black Lives Matter for a stabbing incident they had nothing whatsoever to do with. MPD put out a press release concerning a stabbing incident, and their initial statement at 6:15AM claimed BLM activists stabbed the Proud Boys. At 7:50AM this was retracted, with MPD admitting they had had "no idea" who did it. Some statements say Proud Boys were stabbed, some say others. Various versions report one, two, three, or four people stabbed. The only thing known for sure is that nobody involved in Black Lives Matter-DC organizing had anything to do with this incident.

Nationally there was the start of the Trump campaign's efforts to decide the election in the courts (ending at the MAGAt-ridden Supreme Court). In addition to the lawsuit, GOP party militants stormed a building in Detroit where ballots were being counted screaming "Stop the Count!" but were unsuccessful in shutting it down. While attempting to stop ballot counting by physical force, the Trump compaign is also demanding a recount in Wisconsin. Trump has spoken of armies of "poll-watchers" and now "armies of lawyers." This of course raises concerns that deciding this election will come down to just plain armies, with everyone having to duke it out in the streets.

Extinction Rebellion at Republican Party headquarters (Shut Down DC photo)

Sunrise Movement on the move (Shut Down DC photo)

The count every vote rally at McPherson Square

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