Truist Bank makes 2nd failed attempt to evict Adams-Morgan Plaza using old/revoked permit

On Friday, Sep 24, Truist Bank launched a predawn assault on Adams-Morgan plaza and its defenders. They showed an old and revoked permit, and MPD said the "big boys downtown" said they were "good to go" but the assault reportedly failed, with the defenders still holding the plaza later that day.

This report went out shortly after the assault began:

"At 4:30am on Friday September 24th, a full 2.5 hours before any permitted work is supposed to begin in the District of Columbia, Suntrust / Truist banksters rolled into the plaza and started tearing down posters, pulling tents, and throwing stuff around. Folks living at the plaza were startled from their sleep alerting the AdMoPlaza team about what was happening." Late afternoon it was reported by a defender that the attack had again been defeated as it was on Wednesday.

Truist's hired guns again tried and failed to evict Adams-Morgan plaza at 18th and Columbia Road(Photo by rvltn)

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