Antifascists Take Down and Destroy Proud Boys Banners in Florida on I-4

Video originally posted to 1 min 8 sec

Action report from antifascists in Florida: On July 24th, antifascists spotted a pair of Proud Boys banners on I-4 in Florida on both sides of an overpass near mile marker 55 and pulled them down for destruction, ready for the hungry flames of justice.

The smaller banner read “FAFO” and “CCCPB.” Unknown what CCCPB means: chapter name, a reference to the Klan-linked “Council of Conservative Citizens” or something else? “FAFO” stands for “Fuck around and Find out” – and that’s exactly what the Proud Boys just did – they fucked around and found out!

The larger banner read “We Are Everywhere” with the Proud Boys logo. Since anarchists and antifa are everywhere and the Proud Boys are not, the banner was edited before the fire was lit.

The Proud Boys are not welcome in Florida or anywhere else. Antifa are everywhere, Proud Boys can indeed “Fuck around and Find out” as can any other fascist pieces of shit who dare to challenge us on our own turf.

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