Proud Boys, fash media harass but can't stop Orlando transgender rights protest

Video: Proud Boys heavily outnumbered as speakers denounce Gov DeSatan and his anti-trans medical board proposal 3 min 11 sec

In Florida, fascist and theocratic governor DeSantis (AKA DeSatan) is pushing a proposal before the FL Board of Medicine to replace all gender-affirming care for anyone under 18 with "conversion therapy" and limit access for those over 18. Activists held an emergency protest in Orlando ahead of the major Fri Aug 5 protest at the Board meeting in Ft Lauderdale. Proud Boys and fascist media showed up but were unable to significantly interfere with this protest.

While the Proud Boys cheered at speaking passages about Fascism, genocide etc, the cheers for the most part could not be heard over the reaction from protest participants. Lacking the numbers to assault the rally without ending up in the hospital, and lacking the audio power to disrupt the rally with sound, they were rendered completely ineffective. They even left shortly before the rally dispersed, yielding posession of the field to LGBTQ activists.

Confirmed Fascists present were Proud Boy Luke Rohlfing, Infowars "media" fool Benjamin Frisby aka “Databattlesz,” Roger Stone acolyte Jacob Engels and two unidentified as of yet Proud Boys who no doubt will soon be indentified. This is a total of 5 fascists, and they were outnumbered 10 to one or more by rally participants. Somehow the Orlando cops correctly identified the public safety hazard, standing facing the Fascists instead of the nonviolent protest. Had the Fascists assaulted the rally with cops "standing down and standing by," they would have done quite poorly against ten times their numbers of tough, street-hardened transgender activists and other LGBTQ allies.

Same report on new nationally-focussed Iron Snowflake website:


The well-defended speaking stage

The two unidentifed Proud Boys/Nazis. Black and gold are the Proud Boys colors, it is considered CONFIRMED that these two are Proud Boys unless they are wannabes

Benjamin Frisby on L, Jacob Engels in the center, and one of the unidentified Proud Boys on the right

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