Reportback from Aug 17 Kavanaugh/Roberts home demos

Video from Alex Murphys's clips of the Kavanaugh side of the protests 1 min 15 sec

Yes, the Supreme Court "Justices" are still getting protests at their homes 3 1/2 months after the draft of the Dobbs decision leaked. Kavanaugh has been getting them for nearly a YEAR-and they just keep coming!

On the 17th of August, protesters returned to the homes of both "Rapey Brett" Kavanaugh and John Roberts, both of whom live in Chevy Chase, MD within walking range of each other. Some new cops were in charge and didn't seem to understand all that was going on. Also the Supreme Court police (who may not have jurisdiction outside the "Justices" homes) were spotted.

Yes, it rained: cops thought the protest was contingent on "the weather hold out" but it never is. As Alito has also found out, "witches" don't melt in the rain! The previous week was drenching rains and the author of this report has gotten soaked more than once at Kavanaugh/Roberts home demos.

Still from video clip by Alex Murphy

The usual cop cars lined up on the way in. With so many cops tied down here, this may be a good time to do OTHER things in MoCo a few miles away.(photo by Sadie)

Possible Supreme Court police cruiser spotted by protesters. They were confirmed present

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