Tiktok ban bill S 686 threatens ALL sites and ALL users

Video by 1000campfires.org explaining what S686 would really do 54 sec

DC Indymedia could be directly targetted by S686 (AKA the RESTRICT act), the bill supposedly intended to ban tiktok but as written can be used to ban ANY website. Still worse, connecting to a banned site using a VPN or presumably tor or other workarounds would become a felony.

While the author of this post does not use anyone's closed source apps (Same policy Tiktok, Google, and Facebook) this bill is not about anyone's safety online. Rather the government is freaking out because one of the platforms they do not control (true equally of Tiktok, Mastodon, noblogs, blackblogs, etc) has suddently become commonly used for organizing against them.

Millions including the author of this post will publicly defy this law. If this passes I will make a Tiktok account on dedicated hardware used for nothing else, and dare the DOJ to do anything about it. I burned a grand jury subpeona and will treat an arrest warrant for visiting a banned website the same way. Bring it on, make my day!

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