Protesters outside CIA condemn drone killing of 12 year old

The vigils against armed drones continue at CIA headquarters, 10 AM on the second Satuurday of each month. This month as always the vigil triggered the closure of the Dolly Madison Ave entrance to CIA for several hours. One focus of the February 14th vigil was the killing of 12 year old Mohammed Saleh Qayed Taeiman by one of these drone strikes in Yemen on Jan 26. Somehow the CIA identified him as one of three "al Qaeda militants" targeted for extra-judicial execution by armed drone.

Speaking of drones, the suit-and tie "drones" who run this program have now had to deal with the protest-inspired road closures for 3-4 hours a day once a month since November 2012, two years and four months or 28 times. That is equivalent to holding the Dolly Madison Ave gate of CIA closed 24-7 for about half a week.

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