NPI exiled to barn after losing Ronald Reagan building

On Nov 19, 2016, Richard Spencer's "National Policy Institue" (NPI) met in the Ronald Reagan building in DC, throwing Nazi salutes while maybe 1,000 protesters beseiged the building. One year later, on Nov 19, 2017 they had to meet in a barn after the Ronald Reagan building dumped them, and it appears far fewer attended. Recent bounced checks by Richard Spencer probably made hotels unavailable.

Update Nov 20,2017:The barn that hosted NPI has been identified as Rocklands Farm in Poolesville, MD. It appears to be a rustic host site for weddings etc.

NPI has been reduced to a few Nazis meeting in a barn.

Georgetown Law’s ICAP Sues to Prevent Paramilitary Groups' Return to Charlottesville

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (Oct. 12, 2017) – The heavily armed private militias and alt-right groups that converged on Charlottesville during the August 12 “Unite the Right” rally engaged in highly coordinated and unlawful paramilitary activity that transformed the city into a virtual combat zone, a suit filed today claims.

Prince William County Killer Cop, Champion Marksman Walks Free

On September 15, 2017 at 10:45 in the morning,  Officer Robert Choyce of the Prince William County Police Department fatally shot 15 year old Rubin Urbina yielding a  crowbar.  Choyce fired his weapon twice, striking Rubin in the chest both times.

According to reports, Rubin had called the police on himself as he was struggling with a psychotic episode.

When the police arrived, they ordered Rubin to drop a crowbar.  15 year old Rubin did not comply.  The police then shot him.  Rubin died on the scene.

Kayaktivists stage naval style banner raising at Pentagon against war and fossil fuels

On the 17th of September, the Backbone Campaign, World Without War, the Raging Grannies, and other groups bypassed the usual difficulties of protesting at the Pentagon by taking to the water to raise banners from kayaks.

Photo by Anne Meador of DC Media Group

Prosecutors, Trump go light on Charlottesville Nazis compared to DisruptJ20

Iron Snowflake news video anchored by Luke

Police and prosecutors have cut the Nazis of Charlottesville a huge break, with scattered individual arrests for serious crimes compared to the kettle, mass arrest, and wholesale felony charges against those who dared to protest Trump's Inauguration on Jan 20

Still from ACLU VA video showing Nazi firing pistol at an African-American counterprotester in Charlottesville.

Code Pink protests trump's war speech at Ft Myer, VA

On the 21st of August, Code Pink showed up at the gates of Ft Myer in Virginia near the Potomac River. Trump was inside to give his "war speech" announcing he is sending 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Code Pink reported that this speech was "bizarre." Code Pink also said the speech was a "nothingburger" with no new ideas whatsoever.

Video from the first part of the Code Pink protest

Richard Spencer gets another home demo

On the 20th of August at around sunset, protesters showed up yet again in front of Richard Spencer's house on King St in Old Town Alexandria, the one that doubles as the National Policy Institute office. Nazis showed themselves on the roof seeking to film protesters.

Video: overall sequence of events in Charlottesville

Video: How a night and day of Nazi terror and utmost resistance went down in Charlottesville, and special memorium for Heather Heyer

Update Aug 19:

More raw, close-up video of just the Nazis

This video shows the general sequence of events that took place from Aug 11-12 in Charlottesville. The torchlight parade, the defeat of the Nazi rally in Emancipation Park, cops clearing the park, Nazis menace a neighborhood, antifa move to cut them off-and the terrorist in his car attacks. Video closes with a special memorium for Heather Heyer.

It started with Nazi terror the night before, looking like Berlin 1936

State of Emergency as neo-Nazi "Unite the Right" hatefest explodes into chaos, terror attack

Update Aug 16: Unicorn Riot video proves fascists started the fight in Charlottesville, proving Trump's claim antifascists waded into the Nazis with clubs to be a lie

"Unite the Right" shut down by counterprotesters by 1PM, Governor declares state of emergency .Armed racists but only punches, pepper spray, shields used up at that point. Racists regrouped at McGuffey Park, big cheers from counterprotesters at report Richard Spencer has been arrested, Later report he was NOT arrested but was repeatedly maced. About 45 minutes later a Nazi rammed counterprotesters in his car, a grey Dodge Charger. He then sped away in reverse but was captured later. Charlottesville Mayor confirms one killed, 19 injured.

Video-Driver rams protesters,clips from three different cameras and positions

Video of one of the first fights

The fighting begins

Hundreds of fascists hold torchlight rally, Nazi pulls gun at Charlottesville Wal-Mart as action starts a day early

UPDATE 8-12: The torchlight parade was intended to march on and disrupt a speech in a church by Dr Cornell West. They were stopped short of their goal but the church was evacuated as a precaution.

How things went down in opposing the "surprise" Nazi torchlight rally, Tropophobe reporting via Twitter:

111PM Cops move in on protesters after Nazis leave

10:33PM Nazi leader Chris Cantwell maced, down

10:33PM Cops now reported on scene

10:31PM: Nazis fire mace at counterprotesters

10:29PM: Fight reported just as livestream went down

10:25PM First counterprotesters show up against 300-500 nazis at torchlight rally Video of counterprotesters chanting "Black Lives Matter"

10:30PM Video:Video of the torchlight rally at U-VA

7PM: Richard Spencer, David Duke spotted at Boar's Head resort

August 11 Noon: neo-Nazi Chris Cantwell pulls gun in confrontation at Wal-mart after alt-right event not so secret as they thought.

Nazis by torchlight: this is the face of evil in Virginia. Photo by Sarah