Video reportback from Aug 5 Clarence Thomas home demo

On the 5th of August, protesters again returned to the home of antichoice GOP Supreme Court "Justice" Clarence Thomas. His choice to torpedo Roe v Wade will lead to the deaths of many women.

Video-protesting at the entrance to Clarence Thomas's exclusive private community 1 min

Photo by Mel

Video reportback from Aug 4 Amy Coney Barrett home demo

Thursday nights Supreme Court "Justice" and literal handmaid (People of Praise) Amy Coney Barret gets regukar protests in front of her house. Thuersday Aug 4 was no exception, as protesters rolled out w drums and a mobile sound system to hold Barrett responlible for her deadly and oppressive vote to overturn Roe V Wade

Video from spirited Aug 4 protest at "the Handmaid's House 1 min 3 sec

Still from video by Tam

Protesters wait on Alito's block as he returns from air travel

On the 2nd of August, pro-choice activists descovered that "Witchburner" Supreme Court "Justice" Samuel Alito was on his way home from air travel. At the time he was expected home, protesters were on his block blasting Italian music.

Video-protesters on Alito's block dancing to Italian music 1 min 41 sec

"Justice" Witchburner Alito home demo July 30 reportback

On the 30th of July, protesters again returned to the home of antichoice Supreme Court "Justice" Alito. The protest resembled a dance party at some times.This helps drive off the spell cast by Alito's citing of infamous 17th century judge Matthew Hale, who had two women executed for witchcraft.

Video-dance party at Alito's 1 min 54 sec

Drenching rains can't stop Clarence Thomas from getting another home demo

On the 29th of July, drenching rains in Northern Virginia failed to stop the Friday protest at the entrance to "Justice" Thomas's posh private roaded community. Protesters are demanding he be impeached for the role both he and his wife Ginni Thomas played in supporting Trump's Jan 6 coup attempt. This would remove one anti-choice "Justice" from the court.

Video-Clarence Thomas protest in drenching rain 34 sec

Still from video by Tam

"Justice"-and "Handmaid" Amy Coney Barrett home demo reportback

Every Thursday Amy Coney Barrett gets another home demo over her "handmaid" /People of Praise past and role in sinking Roe v Wade. The 28th of July was no exception despite storms and the diversion of some activists to the disruption of the Congressional baseball game

Video from Jul 28 Amy Coney Barret home demo

Storms build up over Amy Coney Barrett's house

"Justice" Clarence & Ginni Thomas home demo reportback

On the 22nd of July, protesters showed up near the VA home of Supreme Court "Justice" Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginni Thomas, known for her work with the J6 plotters. Like Gorsuch, Thomas has cut himself off from the community by living in a private community instead of in "general population" to borrow a prison term.

Video-protesters at the blocked-off entrance to Ginni Thomas's private community 1 min

Still from video clip by Tam

Reportback from June 21 "Handmaid" Amy Coney Barret home demo

On the 21st of July, protesters showed up once again at literal Handmaid (People of Praise title)and SCOTUS "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett's house, for her normal Thursday evening residential protest. No problems with cops (were present but did not intervene) or "Karens" were reported.

Video-protesters on Amy Coney Barrett's block 1 min

Clarence Thomas gets another of many home demos

On the 15th of July, Supreme Court "Justice" Clarence Thomas got another in the long series of protests outside his wealthy, private N Va community. Unlike the hornet's nest at the Kavanaugh protests there were no police problems.

Video-protesters at the entrance to Clarence Thomas's posh private community 59 sec

Photo by Our Rights DC

Amy Coney Barret gets another home demo, very few cops

On the 14th of July, pro-choice protesters continued their campaign of residential protests against anti-choice Supreme Court "Justices." Undeterred by police harassment in Mongomery County at Kavanaugh's house, they returned to the home of Amy Coney Barrett. Very few cops showed up and the protest went down unimpeded.

Video: protesters at and around Amy Coney Barrett's house-AGAIN! 2 min 4 sec

Still from Our Rights DC video