Gyrocopter landed on Capitol West Lawn in campaign cash/corruption protest

On April 15th, a 61 year old postal worker from Florida attempted to deliver 535 letters to Capitol Hill demanding an end to corporate cash in US politics by gyrocopter. He sucessfully evaded all Washington DC air defenses and landed his aircraft on the West Lawn without damage. He was intercepted on the ground by Capitol Police before he could deliver these letters to all 535 members of Congress.This was perhaps the most profound protest yet against the "Citizens United" case that legalized unlimited corporate campaign cash.

Youtube news video based on tourist's Vine clip

Tampa Times Youtube video with advance footage explaining the protest

In the wake of this nonviolent protest, US Capitol Police as well as the mainstream media have been freaking out about security. Perhaps they should show more concern for the security of the entire process of government, which is more vulnerable to lobbyists with fat bags of campaign cash than the US Capitol Complex could ever be to such a small aircraft. That little gyrocopter was probably just able to life a mailman and a single box of letters.

Fifteen years ago, then as now in the shadow of the upcoming IMF/World Bank meetings, PETA exposed a far more serious security hole for the bankers and the wealthy. One of their operatives managed just days before the 2000 IMF Spring Meetings to drive a truck right up to the curb by either the IMF or the World Bank(I forget which) and dump about 6,000 pounds of cow manure. This literal bullshit dump called out the IMF and World Bank for all their bullshit about ending poverty with austerity, but I would not have wanted to be their security chief that night explaining why I should keep my job.

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