Showdown with Westboro Baptist

The Wells Fargo markings on this are rather hard to see in this shot, just to the rear there are larger markings but still much smaller than these "PRIDE" letters


The Chelsea Manning contingent in the 2014 Pride Parade

Fairy wings in the Pride Bike Party

Whole lotta bikes


Bike party or pool party?

The Line outside Patuxent HS 2 hours before the start of FERC's hearing inside on gas export from Cove Point

Chesapeake Earth First! is watching...


The Red Shirts are on opponents organized by CCAN, they are not the only opponents in the room as became evident later


Fracking: the skunk in the room Dominion is trying to deodorize with their "jobs" argument and questionable numbers

The scene outside the Calvert County Courthouse in Prince Frederick, MD

Representatives of Chesapeake Earth First! and Savage Mountain Earth First! showed up


This bridge is the only way out of Calvert County from south of where Rt 4 passes the LNG plant


The beach by Cove Point lighthouse. In the background is the old offshore LNG unloading pier proposed for conversion to LNG export